Occasional BsoD

Hey guys I've been getting a BsoD lately , it looks like this.

Sorry its so big.
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  1. run a memtest for a few passes as a start
  2. I already ran memtest twice on each stick separate and again twice on all 4 at once.

    They all passed. with 1000+% (Its what happens when you watch TV while waiting. =p)
  3. Did you get many Bsod's or only one?

    I had a very similar problem with my overclocked system yestarday... After 3 stable months (overclocked) bsod... that really pisses of.

    Could you tell me where you downloaded memtest or which version exactly I always used prime 95 blend test but maybe this is my problem.
  4. Memtest86+ Not sure what version, its only about a month old , I put it on a disc to boot from.

    And no , I get this BsoD about once or twice every other week , along with another BsoD I haven't had the chance to record yet , but this is the most frequent.
  5. What ram du you have? Have you tried Downclocking you ram? Decreasing the ram speed or relax ram timings should actually help.

    I have to tell you that I'm not a expert when it comes to ram problems, so just try it out and if it doesn't help you ask the people that know more

    Hmmm I also had a bootable memtest86+ cd but it always crashed emediately (with nothing overlocked after 3 seconds) but i did never have any stability probs... I will try to reinstall..........
  6. Tell us about your power supply.
    It may just be a software glitch.
    Try loading a Linux LiveCD, when it happens.
  7. My power supply is a 750 watt. Corsair.

    RAM is V1.1 of Corsairs Dominators. DDR2 800Mhz. I cant downclock or upclock it without my computer being unable to boot ever since I updated my BIOS , I tried going back to my old BIOS but ASUS coding wont let me do that.
  8. bump....
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