cables with x-fi

why have creative supplied a grey ribbon cable with the x-fi fatal1ty cards.
they look shite in a windowed pc. The card looks nice and the breakout box looks nice so why not supply a nice round cable with it.

does anyone know if you can get a round cable for it.
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  1. yeah ithought that any ide / floppy cable would work so i bought them and no luck. it has a strange connection that looks just like the floppy one but has a different number of pins
  2. yeah that's a weird connection :S i have a platinium and the cable it's a like i don't know if you even can get a spare one if o ruin that one :S but if you could my idea to do myself a black paint job on the cable and then cuting between the spaces with a very sharp blade and then tie it toghether i have seen that on ide cables they get very cool but the problem is, one slip up and your dead...:( and i don't know if you can get any spare cable from creative.
  3. Quote:
    yeah that's a weird connection :S i have a platinium ...

    I had a look at my connectors, they look standard.

    Just take a standard IDE cable with all pin holes open:

    All this PC glazing business is getting ridiculous,
    look at that:
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