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Pentium D 805 @ 4.1GHz Anyone Else Tested?

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May 11, 2006 3:00:33 PM

I was reading this article this morning and like everyone else, I'm very interested.

I want to use the exact same parts that were used but I'm not 100% on the RAM & V-Card.

Has anyone else tried this yet, or is this something I should wait till more people try it?

This is what I was looking at getting.




(might look at W.C. if it works up to 4.0Ghz)

Should all of this work or is there other stuff I need to consider like the CAST# SL8ZH or other stuff?



More about : pentium 805 1ghz tested

May 11, 2006 3:41:35 PM

no overclock has a 100% successfull rate, while i u may not get to 4.0ghz you will probally at least get close (ie 3.7-3.9ghz) as long as you case has good air circulation and what not. Hell The article basicly has an instruction manual on what voltage and what not lol!
May 11, 2006 4:29:22 PM

FYI: That motherboard supports Crossfire, not SLI. Don't think about doubling up on that 7800gtx, you won't be able to.
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May 11, 2006 4:41:31 PM

FYI: That motherboard supports Crossfire, not SLI. Don't think about doubling up on that 7800gtx, you won't be able to.

Well technicly you can't. I am just waiting for the Chinese guy who got 2 7600GTs running in SLI on a DFI CFX3200 board to post how he did it so I can. But your very right, I wouldn't advise getting a CF board with NV card, and if you really want to go that route buy a 7900GT they are abotu $300 and as fast as a 7800GTX stock and faster when OCd.
May 11, 2006 4:57:11 PM

first of all

4.0ghz on this thing is unreasonable

this is again one of THG biased articles.. it's comparin an extremely overcocked chip with its' settings to the extremem max almos at the point of failing

to stock high end CPU's.... and saying it's a better CPU.

GET REAL. how much is intel paying you for this!!!!

however as for the SLI dealio. the lower NVIDIA cards can RUN in SLI mode without an SLI bridge on motherboards that have 2 8x PCI slots. they're not a full SLI and have a lower data transfer rate but it works. the 7600's are a good example of cards that easily can do this. and since they're not top of the line cards you're not goin to get top of the line out of them. however, you can run SLI with 7900GT's without the bridge, but it wont be so fast.

and why SLI 7600Gt's.. just get one 7900GTX and it'll work better in the long run
May 11, 2006 5:29:40 PM

why is it so unreasonable.....they are not saying that its the best way to go...they are saying that this chip OC's like a MFer. And that was the point of the article. For some buying a chip for a $1000 is out of the question. Going this route, even if the same results are not achieved, saves alot of money. Even if you get it to 3.6 or 3.8 ghz.......for a $130 and its Dual core, I think its a good STFU
May 11, 2006 6:08:02 PM

hell i am impressed

dont get me wrong...

but i'm very wary of anything oerclocked that much

i think a more beneficial test would be to see a CPU clocked this high, runnign for a few months glitch free...
May 11, 2006 6:18:40 PM

Even if you get it to 3.6 or 3.8 ghz.......for a $130 and its Dual core, I think its a good STFU

I agree.

Paying $1000 for a chip that will be out dated by the time I save the money up is not an option. I'm not looking to push it to the extreme but to 3.6 or 3.8 ghz would be a good way to go.

Is there a better MOB that I should look at that will work with this an is nVidia. I will want to upgrade the v-card to A Quadro PCI Express SLI for the work I do, but need to save up for awhile.

i think a more beneficial test would be to see a CPU clocked this high, runnign for a few months glitch free...

I agree. But what is the worst that could happen if it only lased a year? You would still get your money out of it.

I was thinking about going with AMD X2 4400 but now I might be changing my mind.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

May 11, 2006 6:48:11 PM

If dual-core isn't vital to you, go for an Opteron 144. They are about $170 at Newegg right now and they overclock very well.
May 11, 2006 7:20:58 PM

Do i need to post a CPU-z of my XP 1700+ JIUHB running @ 2.1Ghz on an old volcano 7 (not the better 7+ mind you) for nearly 3 years now? June will be 3 in fact...

In fact it only needs a vcore adjustment over stock of .025V to run stable 24/7/365.

2.2Ghz required .1V to .15V so I backed off. Wasnt worth it.

Some chips do th at, remember the celeron 300a? If a process is pretty mature then its nothing. Think about it, the old northwood got as high as 3.4Ghz from the factory, that was TWO full processes ago. This isnt that hard to believe. In fact, I was contemplating a very similar build myself vs the Opteron 170 I instead got. Kinda wish'd I'd gotten the 805d though. 3.8Ghz would be a nice number...

May 11, 2006 7:24:28 PM

Heck Toms article is just trying to make one point. you can get 150.00 CPU and can OC it so it gets close to the same performance of the $1000+ CPU's like the FX or the extreme. I don't know how this is Bias i did not hear any negative info about AMD in that whole article. if you don't like the site don't come here simple as that.
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May 11, 2006 8:27:28 PM

(this isn't a response to anyone, I just hit reply at the end...)

First, I'm an AMD fan. Notice I said fan, and not fanatic. I don't seem to be impressed by this article quite the same way many of you have been. They didn't get past 4.0GHz until they went watercooling. If they had hit 4.0/4.1 with the aftermarket air cooler, that would be something. That said, its still pretty amazing that they hit 3.6 with nothing more then a mild voltage bump and an aftermarket air cooler. I don't think I would even try to hit 4+GHz with one of these, the heat/watercooling/energy consumption are complete turn offs. But the fact that they hit 3.6GHz and that required almost no effort IS something that people should notice. Granted it doesn't have the massive amounts of L2 cache that other dual core CPUs have, I believe the better price/performance ratio helps make up for that.
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May 11, 2006 8:34:50 PM

That's how I see it also.

Post of The Day!!! :trophy:
May 11, 2006 8:40:01 PM

wait werent they running DDR2 also? just making sure.
May 11, 2006 8:45:05 PM

I would probably OC it a little, especially when you don't need to increase the voltage. But the real performance gains come after that point. Oh well...
May 11, 2006 9:01:21 PM

first of all

4.0ghz on this thing is unreasonable

this is again one of THG biased articles.. it's comparin an extremely overcocked chip with its' settings to the extremem max almos at the point of failing

to stock high end CPU's.... and saying it's a better CPU.

GET REAL. how much is intel paying you for this!!!!

god you are a tool. they're saying it's great for overclocking price vs performance. intel is paying toms hardware less than amd is paying you to totally misread an article and post things about it that arn't true. the article was just about the intel cpu had nothing to do with amd.
May 11, 2006 10:00:30 PM

Can't speak to the overclockability of the D805 yet, as I just received the parts in a UPS shipment. Here's what I can tell you though:

Parts List:
Asus P5WD2-UAYZ Motherboard (Intel 955x+ICH7R)
OCZ 2GB DDR2 Kit PC2-6400 (5-5-5-12)
Pentium D 805 B0 SL8ZH
Thermaltake BigTyphoon

I'll be starting the build-up tonight, and should have everything setup and OC'd by Monday or Tuesday (stability testing takes soooo long). I'll post back with how far I can get it to go on air.

May 11, 2006 10:01:35 PM


god you are a tool. they're saying it's great for overclocking price vs performance. intel is paying toms hardware less than amd is paying you to totally misread an article and post things about it that arn't true. the article was just about the intel cpu had nothing to do with amd.

And you are a tool as well reacting like that. It's a message for the people who allready own watercooling and the equipment for it. Orelse you be better of buying a amd x2 instead of buying extreme cooling + pentium 805 D. hehe
ching ching. :D  I think this says enough unless somebody does not agree :D 
May 11, 2006 10:55:06 PM

Like others, I was impressed by the article. I was one of many who ran a celeron 360 at 100mhz. This sounds like the first example of a similar opportunity.

then near the end of the article I looked at the benchmarks...yes the 805 showed very well once oc'd...but how much better than my current AMD64x2 3800+....well on the chart a fair bit, but when I looked at the absolute difference in frame rates...I doubt I would notice the difference..

I guess you do things like this just to do it, really...not because you need so much speed for a given task. I probably won't....but its fun to consider.

May 12, 2006 3:03:30 AM

While I'm a fan of the 805 for some OC'ing and low budget builds, I believe you would be better served by a 920/930 PD. This article shows how well they perform.

Keep in mind that these were B1 revision presler cores they used and that C1 revisions have since been released with allegedly better OC'ing potential. The prices will also continue to fall and Viiv may actually be desired down the road which you don't get with the 805. Don't forget the 2Mb L2 cache per core with the 9xx series as well and lower temps.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the 805 is a great bargain with obvious OC capabilities but if your willing to spend a little more for a C1 revision 920/930 you will have a CPU with staying power rather than a whim.
I will be buying a 930/940 once prices bottom out this summer/fall and of course, OC'ing the $hit out of it like my P4 630.
May 12, 2006 8:27:27 AM

Well I think for the money.. this is a good deal..........thats my opinion and I am sticking with it........ 8)
May 14, 2006 4:51:10 PM

The point of the comment was not to say "hey go buy 7600 GTs and SLI them on a CF board" the point was to say it is possible to run SLI with a bridge on a CF board via driver hacks.

The RD580 just overclocks a little better than the Nforce chipset so when my Nforce mobo blew a capacitor I went for the RD580 knowing that it was possible to do SLI on a CF board, its just hard. The actual loss of FPS when not using the bridge on a x16 SLI chipset (not X32) is about 5fps fyi, not much but noticeable.

Intel isn't paying jack for this article, and I found it very interesting and well done. I particularly like the analysis of the change in power consumption they did. Everyone knows that OCing takes more power, but this shows you in absolute terms exactly how much extra power it will take to keep this chip running at 4Ghz+.

Since THG's point was to show the complete potential of this chip, stopping anything short of the brink of failure would have been bad reporting. They took it to the extreme and classified it by levels, ie when voltage bump became necessary, when the stock cooler failed, when the after market cooler failed, and when the proc just wouldn't go faster. That is a well done article.

The only thing I would liked to have seen is them pitting the Opty 165 against it. I realize that the Opty is more expensive, but it falls under the same general category as the D805. It is a chip that overclocks very well and consistently hits 2.6Ghz. It would be an interesting suppliment especially in terms of power consumption and gaming performance.

Props to THG. :D 
May 14, 2006 6:53:32 PM

Hey guys, Just got my machine running.

I have the following:

Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Rev 1.1 Running Bios F4
Pentium D 805
1GB Corsair DDR2-800 Twin2X
Gigabyte 3D Galaxy Liquid Cooling System
Aopen AO700-ALN 700W Power supply

Currently running at 3.8 stable at 1.4v
CPU temps are 35 on idle and 45 to 50 on load.

CPU-Z Verification
May 14, 2006 7:22:35 PM

You are completly wrong, toms hardware isnt biased, if you read their conclusions on hardware testing of cpus and gpus. Intels overclock like monsters and its not at all outlandish getting that processor to 4.0 ghz and above, this is made easy with the 533 mhz FSB, because you dont get an FSB problem. Intels have always overclocked like monsters, I have a P4 overclocked from 2.4 ghz too 3.6 with stock voltage. I have another P1 which I overclocked from 133 mhz too 200 mhz... which is insane for a 9 year old processor(still runs to this day). The only processors which have dissapointed me when overclocking are amds.
May 14, 2006 9:22:55 PM

Not Too Surprised!

I used to have a P4 S478 3.2Ghz Processor, on a CoolerMaster JET4 Copper Cooler.

Before I purchased the X800PRO on my las system. I had a GeForce4 Ti PNY the old classic one. and I managed to OC, Boot & Test my system on 4.0Ghz

altho, when I got the X800PRO, I couldn't get past 3.73Ghz, sometimes components can be the problem, sometimes they're a match, sometimes, they won't even OC 5% It's just Luck & Quality I guess.

My Actual System is a AMD X2 3800+ 2.0Ghz, I have it OC at 2.6Ghz "5000+" (Or So Everest Reads ^_^) that's a 30% Increase with some decent cooling fans and Copper Heatsinks...
a c 140 à CPUs
May 14, 2006 10:08:25 PM

All i can say for that is WOW

i would not like the heating/power sucking effects....but for the price....if i burn it in a year... ohh well.....

Still gonna wait and see what happens.... after all with conroe on the way.... it looks like Intel's going to make a come back...bout time, but i still like my amd computers. I go for whats fast/cool running

anyone think a 2 - dual core opteron (4 cpu's) system is just a waste of money at this time?
May 15, 2006 7:24:20 AM

i got mine to 3.4 on stock volts with some ocz value ram and an $72 asus mobo. its prime stable. i am able to run at 3.6 pretty good, but sometimes it crashes, so i keep it at 3.4. there is no voltage adjustments so im stuck with stock
May 15, 2006 7:40:38 PM

My existing setup consists of 3 different AMD single core CPUs, including a Venice 3800+ that's been running at 2.8Ghz. I needed dual core, but I am expecting a price war this autumn.

Instead of buying a FX-62 at its most expensive I bought the following:
A 805D *and* a 920D, a few sticks of low latency 1GHz DDR2's (about twice the price of the cpu's :-)) and a cheap Epox motherboard.

I already have watercooling, so I figured I'd just overclock these chips like crazy for some months. To consider the OC stable I expect at least 2 hours of "max heat" Prime95 on both cores. This is where things got interesting.

I quickly established that the 805D would go to 170FSB (3,4Ghz) on stock voltage. To attain any kind of dual-core prime95 stability I had to increase the voltage already at this speed.

Then my powersupply broke down. The trustworthy fortron source PSU's been overclocking AMD cpu's for ages, but the 805D killed it dead in the water - too high drain.

I replaced the PSU with a bigger one, and kept on priming (2 instances) at 170Mhz. I had been running my Black Ice Extreme 2 radiator fanless for all of my AMD oc's, stable as a rock. WIth this setup the CPU gradually increased to 65C (after 10 minutes or so), at which point the whole system shut down.

I dug out a couple of 12cm fans and attached them to my radiator. Waited half an hour for everything to cool down an re-started. 25 minutes afterwards the system succumbed to prime95 on two cores.

The D 920, on the other hand turned out to be a rather pleasant surprise. The crappy motherboard seems to give up around FSB235 (3.3Ghz), but the thermal characteristics seem to be totally smooth sailing.

I see reports of the D 920 reaching around 4Ghz. The price of this chip is also ridiculous. You may also save the price of a new PSU, and you could probably reach very good speeds on air.

I know there's a kind of sensation-grabbing aspect to the D805-story, but it's really a lousy buy for most users. I am eagerly awaiting my new motherboard, and expect to reach very good results on the D920.

I may not be the greatest environmentalist around, but this power-gobbling D805 overclocking adventure is costly both in terms of PSU strength, cooling requirements and energy bill. Your money is probably better spent on one of the 9xx D chips.

May 15, 2006 10:32:46 PM

Just fancied coming here to tell you guys (and the complete tools that say it is unreasonable) that my friend recieved shipment of PD805 + Mobo (asus premium something) 1gb corsair ddr2

we have successfully clocked stable at 4.01ghz on AIR ALONE (same zalman cooler and a vantec 12cm fan)

watercooling will mostlikely be transfered over from AMD rig in next week or so (will prob try and go higher then)

using a PD805 from exactly the same batch.

its possible, THG didnt try to go higher than 3.8 on air.
well recommended for a project.

i may get one soon and copy my mate!
May 16, 2006 6:05:59 AM

Have you been able to run two instances of prime95 for any amount of time in this configuration?
May 16, 2006 8:51:27 AM

in general Intel CPUs are easier OCers and win in raw max clock overall.
I think that from a purist OCers pov, that isn't so true.
I like to OC for value.
I dont buy extra hsf or expensive ram. I do however demand a chip that is stable running F2H 24/7.
I buy generic samsung pc3200 ram. It gives me 2.5,3,3,7 T1 timings at pc3600 speeds. I like the AMD hsf because it is quiet (well at least compared to Intel's whinner) and allows me a 25% OC.
Now, I guess I could get better perf from an 805, if I spent $400 more to get high end ram, and a water system, but my mind just doesn't work that way. Besides, it will be summer soon, and well, all that extra heat has to go somewhere.
Then again, There are a couple or three AMD chips that will do a 50% OC. How many Intel chips do that?
May 17, 2006 12:30:58 PM

Hello :) 
So where can I find anyone of this pentium 805 d :D 
Is there online stores where we can see the stepping ?

Thanks in advance.
May 17, 2006 1:15:13 PM

FYI for the guy who said the OC chip would not be really have to understand how clock frequencies are generated and what does/does not add stress to the chip. I still have a celeron 366 running @ 550 that is now probably 5 years old and has been running pretty much 24/7 the entire 5 yrs (it's now our families archive file server/print server). This was with no vcore bump/nothing...just change FSB and adjust multiplier (ahh those were the days).

May 17, 2006 2:13:17 PM

I have built a 805 and oc it to 3.8 with a Zalman on it. It seems stable so far, I am currently mashing it to 100% cpu load for the last few hours.

I also have a 940, which oc nicely too. Only due to being a B1 revision and 65nm, its a lot cooler. I reckon that will do 4Ghz on air. Havent tested it yet, I have a zalman to replace the stock cooler before I tinker with a pricer cpu.

When the 9xx Cx revision comes out, I will bin the 805, and put this chip in its place, prolonging the investment of the inital build. I can reuse the mb, ram and gpu, with a cooler lees stressed, but equally as quick cpu.

I am a happy bunny atm.

May 17, 2006 2:39:53 PM

So where can people find cpu like the one used in this very good article :D 
That's cool if article author gives us pictures and more informations about the watercooling system used :D  :) 
May 17, 2006 6:42:28 PM

My results:

I managed to boot into windows with it at 4500Mhz, but it wasn't stable. 4400Mhz was the highest I could go with it stable enough to run Super Pi as shown above. I currently have it set at 4200Mhz with 1.6v Vcore and it seems absolutely fine. :D 

Main components
Pentium D 805 CPU
Asus P5WDG2-WS i975X Motherboard
2 x 1Gb OCZ PC2-8000 Dual Channel Extreme Edition XTC Platinum Series EL-DDR2 RAM
PowerColor ATI Radeon X1900 XT-X 512MB
Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB 2500KS SATA-II 16MB
OCZ PowerStream 520 watt PSU

CPU block - Danger Den RBX
Chipset block - Danger Den Maze 4
GPU block - Danger Den Maze 4 Acetel
Radiator - Austin Mini with 4 x 120mm fans
Pump - Eheim 1260
The watercooling set-up uses 25mm ID pipe from pump to radiator and to and from the a custom build inlet and outlet manifolds. 1/2 inch ID pipe is uses from the manifolds to the waterblocks and back.
May 18, 2006 7:57:48 AM

very nice :D 
where did you buy this cpu ?

could you give us some photos of your system please.