Help OCing AMD CPU

I have the following CPU, Board and Memory.
I've tried to OC it on my own, by changing the FSB and the Vcore, but I always get an unstable system.

I would like to OC my CPU to 2100~2200 MHZ and running my memory at 200 Mhz (instead of 166)

I have little experience with overclocking, but since I've purchase my new Zalman coolers, I've been wanting to get the maximum out of my CPU and Memory.

can anyone help me in wich steps to follow with my current hardware (listed below)

thanks in advance

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  1. I think I can help you out, but I'll need more information than what you've given (i.e. memory brand and model, temperatures at idle and load, voltages to your CPU, memory, and chipset). Please post a screenshot of the SPD tab from CPU-Z as this will give me a better starting point.

    As far as a best guess? Try setting your vCore to 1.7 and manually specify FSB 200. That should work okay, but keep a close eye on your temperatures, both of the processor and northbridge chipset.

    Post back with your results and we'll go further.

  2. Start with this guide and go from there.
  3. this is the info avaiable on my SPD tabs

    I will try to do what that, and what about a stable ram @ 200mhz?

    (and what can I use to test if my system is stable?)

  4. :roll: Shakes head, walks away.
  5. what's the matter, just a little help :roll:

    everytime I change the memory to 200 Mhz, my system is unstable and crashes.

    just help me out :wink:
  6. From the size of your ram it looks like you either have 3 - 512mb or 1 - 1gb and 1 - 512mb.

    Can you run the ram at 200 mhz with just one slot or 2 slots (if you have 3-512mb)? Are all the ram the same manufacturer and type?
  7. In order to run your ram at 200 mhz you need to loosen the timings to 3-3-3-8 in the bios. Increase your fsb in small increments (1 or 2 mhz) at a time. If it becomes unstable up the voltage. I am not sure what the max acceptable voltage for your cpu is. I would look that up. To test stability after each round use prime95 or sp2004. You can download memtest3.2 online to test your memory for errors. You should lock your pci/agp at 33/66 in the bios.
  8. Read the guide. It WILL help.

    You will have to bump your CPU voltage up.

    You will have to loosen your RAM timings.

    If possible, you might have to lower you CPU multiplier.

    You might have to run only 2 banks of your RAM and not all three.

    You might have to bump your RAM voltage up as well.

    Make small changes, not large ones. Trial and error. Just by reading your CPU-Z screenshots tells us that you're going to have to loosen your RAM timings to 3-3-3-8 but who knows you might be able to get it stable at 2.5-4-3-7.

    Read through the guide as it covers the basics as well as what programs you can use to test your system for stability.

    I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to help you learn how to do this yourself.
  9. I have 3x512, all of them kingston PC3200

    and I've tested my ram, there's no problem at all when I run it @ 166 Mhz
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