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I have 6 macs and 3 pc's in a small production studio and I'm looking for advice on an affordable tape archive solution. preferrably I could buy a firewire tape drive and plug into whomever's workstation needed backing up. I am thinking of one of sony's ait drives at 80gb level. We toss around way too much data for dvd to be a realistic option, and I would also like something that would last longer on the shelf. Affordability is a concern, else I might just lean towards a fat backup server. Right now we store about 1.5-2 tb per year in completed projects and it's currently sitting on a mostly full avid network storage system- which ideally needs to be used for other things.. Thanks for any advice!
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  1. Let me rephrase the question.. Has anyone had succes in a archival technique for a small studio with a ton of data that they would like to share? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. I've never had to deal with such large quantities of data, but if I did I would consider using removable hard drives like the Iomega REV drives?

    The drives have the same capacity compressed and the cartridges are about $60 for 90GB of compressed storage. About $10 more than a tape with the same compression. If you buy multiple cartridges, then the price is about the same.

    The advantage is faster backups and the Mean Time Between Failures is higher with the REV drives. (i.e. the iomega units will theoretically hold up better than the sony tape unit. (400,000 hours vs 300,000 hours).
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