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I'm really thankful for this opportunity to post on this forum. THG's reader are advanced in their thinking so I hope you all will appreciate my perspective. For the past 11 years I've been a hardware junkie; addicted to the newest hardware reviews, salivating over hardware specs, imagining having a powerful system in my hands. However, I've never been able to have the best; had to wait a few years before I could afford much at all. By that time, most of the hardware I wanted was a long time out of date. It's ironic isn't it? The best hardware is out of the price range of most people, and buy the time it comes down in price, a new standard comes out. Take AMD and the new AM2's. The highest priced processors are still high, even though a new socket is coming out. You would think that they would lower the prices on all socket 939's because the newer socket is about to be released. Apparently there's still enough demand where they can keep the prices stable and high. I have seen a small price drop with some of the slower 939's; but who wants a slower single core processor when the dual core's are so popular right now. (I shouldn't say that; an A64 3000 would be almost twice as fast as what I have. But Getting that processor right now wouldn't make any sense. The socket will ). Does anyone know how I'm feeling. I'll probably never "need" the power of an FX-60. But I dislike never having the chance to own one (unless I refinance my house and get a loan). These issues and others have pushed me to Intel. They have enough supply, and are competetive enough to lower prices signifigantly. I don't care anymore about power or heat issues; leaving a machine on all night long when you don't have to is unwise. So if I use it for a few hours a day, It ain't gonna hurt. And with the money I save on Intel processors, I'll get a great cooler. Holla Back Yall.
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  1. Obsolescence is the nature of technology. You will always be behind the 8-Ball if you are a slave to technology. Sure, you'll be at the top of the heap for, dare I say, 6 months or so. But sooner rather than later everyone's shiny new CPU or GPU will become yesterday's old news.
  2. Can we get Action Man down here to fix this guy's keyboard, I think the enter key is broken.
  3. Quote:
    These issues and others have pushed me to Intel. They have enough supply, and are competetive enough to lower prices signifigantly.

    They don't lower price because they are competitive, but rather because they are not. AMD cpu are selling strong, so they can keep their price higher.

    Remember when AthlonXP was no more competitive in performance with Northwood C? AMD did keep their price low, to get more sale. Same thing here. If AMD stop being competitive with newer Intel, then they will lower the price. Then you'll come back here posting the exact same thing, but changing Intel for AMD and AMD for intel.. until AMD become more competitive than Intel in term of performance.. The wheel will always turn this way.
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