Graphics Card Buyers Guide 2006, Part II
Great job, you managed to kiss ATIs butt very well . . .
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  1. Quote:
    The guide is split into three installments covering nine cards each.

    Maybe next installment will have more Nvidia cards.

    Products based on ATI's graphics chips were painfully underrepresented in our last buyer's guide, which was due in large part to their very limited availability. Luckily, this situation has improved; there is arguably even an oversupply of ATI-based graphics cards available in stores.
    Part 1

    There looks to be a few Nvidia cards to come.
  2. Ah, so 'comparring' a 6800GS + a 7800GS to a x1900xtx + a x1800 is the 'thing' to do now ? Come on, seriously, lets do a more rounded 'comparrison' . . .

    Anyone with half a brain, and watches hardware already knows the ATI x1900 series is the top dog. What I'm saying is that a roundup as such, will only serve to misinform people who arent as tech savy. Also why werent the other benchmarks where the nVidia cards prevailed mentioned ?

    Its my belief that AoE3 SHOULD be taken out of the equation for a 'pure benchmark analysis' anyhow, I mean come on . . .a x850xPE outperforming a 7900GTX ? If this isnt a hardware biased game, then I do not know what is . . .
  3. Question

    Why exacty do ALL the cards preform better with AAx2 and AF on?
  4. Quote:

    Why exacty do ALL the cards preform better with AAx2 and AF on?

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one who noticed... what gives?
  5. It says "no SoftShadows" in the AA2x AF4x screenie, so I assume the first screenie is with softshadows enabled, which would make it much slower.
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