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I have an athlon xp mobile 2800+ that came with a crap motherboard (PC Chips M863G). Anyway, I was looking at the Biostar M7NCG 400 motherboard, with the nforce2 chipset. My question is, will I see a worthwhile performance boost going from a sis chipset to an nforce, or should I invest towards more ram?
Current system consists of PC Chips M863g motherboard, athlon xp-m 2800, 768MB PC2700 ram, and everything else that's unimportant here.
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  1. get the new motherboard as it will have better functions than the one you could use more ram,but what is there is good enough for the time being.the nforce2 chipset does support dual channel so you will see a performance gain just from that.anyways,go with the new board and worry bout the other stuff later.

    evga nforce4 sli ready mainboard
    X2 4400+dual core cpu
    2X1gig samsung ddr400 in dual channel mode
    evga 7800gt video card
    wd 300gig hd
    520watt psu
  2. Yes. But you also need to ditch that ram and get at least 1gb of PC3200 ram.
  3. PC3200?
    Think about what you just said.
    Look at his specs, and think about what you said.

    I think I'm with Dahak on this one...
  4. Bitch what?
  5. Why did someone bother voting on that post?
  6. I got the Biostar M7NCG 400 for my HTPC. I don't play games with it though, it's mainly used to record TV programs, watch movies on my TV and listen to music.

    My Athlon XP 2500+ can run at stock speed with only 1.375v. The nVidia chipsets are typically known for their performance. How much gains you will see in probably not much.
  7. All right, thanks for all the replies. I finally got the money, but newegg decided to sell all of the boards, so I'll just have to look somewhere else.
  8. You need to get a 761gx-m754 motherboard for your processor. I run those for my 2800's...............
  9. ?????? date! dear stranger
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