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I am trying to setup a RAID 0 system with three 1TB drives. Problem is that Windows only allows partitions up to 2047 GB. I've done some research and found out that I need to use the GPT partition format.

Does anyone know of a good guide for using GPT to setup a partition on a Disk or raid array that is over the 2TB limit imposed by MBR?

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    Why not partition the array into two partitions?

    Otherwise, this article looks good:
  2. <Why not partition the array into two partitions?>

    :D Good answer. However, Windows wouldn't let me do that. It listed the disk space as about 2782GB but it listed everything over 2047 as unavailable. I don't know why.

    Anyway, I really don't want to make two partitions because my whole reason for having a RAID array was to have only volume.

    Besides, I wouldn't learn anything. I like trying new stuff just to find out if I can make it work and this is my first time trying to setup a RAID array.

    The link to that article looks like it will do the trick.
  3. These disk partition limitations are getting old. I have been through the 504MB BIOS limit, the 2GB FAT limit, the 8.4GB and 32GB BIOS limits, and the 128GB FAT32 limit.

    I understand the part about learning, and I hope you enjoy getting that RAID array working.
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