seagate sata problem

i just bought a new 300gb sata hard drive and when i go into windows it says i only have 127gb!! it is my first sata hard drive and i dont know how they work . if they need drivers or my mobo is just to old. if any one can help me it whould be great.

p4 2.6 ht
p4s800-mx se
duel dvd
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  1. There is an "barrier" and you have reach it. Search other posts for answers. You should update your bios to see it past 130 gb.
  2. what's is you o/s ?if it's xp you have to update to Sp2 the go to administative tools on your control panel the go to computer managent the to storage and you will see the rest of your hard drive there, then right click it chose new partition and then format it , and you will se your hard drive with it's full 300gb or 29... and so gb
  3. Some older motherboards won't recognize drives over 130GB. You need a bios update.
  4. this is a windows xp issue, your going to have to repartion the harddrive.
  5. You may also need to load your chipset-specific SATA drivers in order to see the full capacity of the drive.

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