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Hi there, I have a SATA compatible motherboard and the next hard drive i get will be SATA. I just wanted to know if the SATA hdd uses the same molex connector as an ATA hdd. If not, then will I need to get a new PSU? Thanks.
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  1. Yeah it does. You shouldn't need a new psu at all.
  2. Yes and No, some HDs have the same molex w/ SATA power connector some only come with the SATA power connector only. When you purchase your motherboard it should comes with SATA power connector with female molex connection. You do not need a new power supply that's for sure.
  3. The 4 pin molex is optional, furthermore the SATA power connector has offers more than just 5v and 12v so an adapter isn't guaranteed to work.

    If you want to be extra cautious just check the specs before buying.

    That said ALL the SATA HDs I have ever seen support both power connectors. (FYI Never plug in both connectors).
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