Need Help!!! What to go with?

Hello Everyone,
You people seem real knowledgable on this subject.
I need a little advice on which way to go I have read a few articles on SLI setup but not sure what to go with for hardware. I like the price of the Amd 3800+ x2 dual core cpu and the A8N32 SLI BOARD from ASUS.But should I go with a 7900GTX single or get two now because of the games like Fear that could use that kind of power? Or am I just crazy for going this route right now?
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  1. I recommend the 7900gt, it is priced much better. The beauty of SLI is you can buy 1 card now and if you find out that your need more, just buy another one later.
  2. Agreed. That's the route I took with my 7800GTs. Love the new-found flexibility of SLI.

  3. Thanks for the help really appreciate it!!! :)
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