CPU and GFX Specs for AutoCAD PC under $1200???

I'm trying to organize some specifications for a client who wants computers running AutoCAD for under $1200 each.

I'm going with Pentium D since they're the cheapest dual-cores right now.

But do I go with the D 805 and a higher-end Fire GL or Quadro


go with the D 930 and and lower-end Fire GL or Quadro?

Thanks in advance
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  1. If they are going to use only AutoCad get the faster processor you can with a Mid-Range Quadro.

    Ati and Autocad is a bad pair: Smooth line display is disabled due to performance and stability problems and other issues.

    Low end quadro 560 is based in a 7600gs and 1500 is based in 7900Gt. The Jump from mid-range to high end is low but from low-end to mid range is very big.
  2. Thanks for the ATI caution.

    $1,200 does seem to be too short for the budget.

    The most affordable GFX card for the work in that price range is the QUADRO 540, which I can't find reviews for, so I dunno how it would handle with a Pentium D 930.

    We're looking to up the budget to at least go for a QUADRO in the 1000 series range.

    What about monitors:

    Would LCDs (in the $300 price range) be okay for CAD work or is the performance of CRT a must?
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