My comp is effed...

My computer is so messed now...I took it to my local computer repair shop 2 times. Both times they did almost the same thing except the charged me $50 one time and $120 the next! Like it's a complete p*** off. Anyways my specs at the moment are as followed:

Antec TruePower Trio 650watt
AMD64 X2 4600+
512mb DDR ram
Radeon 9550
NEC DVD combo drive

I think thats all the specs needed. Anyways.. When I first got my computer.. I'm not sure if this allowed to be said in the forums or not (I read the FAQ) but I used a bootlegged copy of Windows XP Media center 2005...All was good for 2 years until 2weeks ago I noticed my comp was shutting off randomly all the time. I lost the bootlegged copy of windows I used the first time so I re downloaded it on my parents comp. I tried reformatting once and it worked. I still had random resets! I tried reformating again with the same copy which resulted in a Blue screen of Death! I kept retrying to reformat but no luck.. I took it in again to the Repair shop. They had no BSOD problems or no random resets! They used a legit copy of windows XP...

Anyone know what this problem could be?Personally I thought it could be a Wattage problem in my power sockets.
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  1. 3 things come to mind

    1. power supply
    2. cpu
    3. motherbpard

    hell even ram and/or drivers could cause it... start the process of elimination!
  2. Well it can't be neither of what you just said because it all worked at the Computer repair shop fine.
  3. who's to say they didn't just plug it in and walk away, not run any bench tests..
  4. Thats possible.
    Go back to the shop and request (demand) to see the test results for the PSU (that all voltage, i.e 3.3, 5, and 12v +/- checked out). They wont have the results written down of course... so make them check it in front of you... its really easy.

    Also, have YOU checked the event log?
    And you said they used their own copy of WinXp... do you mean they reinstalled XP to test? or used their own HDD?
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