How to cancel "cpu fan error" message, plz help..

I have asus p5ad2 mobo, I changed my cpu cooling from air to water with tai-chi watercooling case, but now each time I start my computer I have a warning from bios saying cpu fan error. Is it possible to bypass this error wuthout me being there to press f1 to continue?


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  1. Should be an option to ignore than in the bios.
  2. Go to bios and disable the fan rpm and power monitor.
  3. ok, ill try that,
  4. Go to bios, find cpu fan monitor and disable.
  5. Coud be a problem with a 4-pin connecter? Could you not just mount the old CPU fan as a case fan and kill 2 birds with one stone?
  6. I fixed it, used ignre in cpu option in BIOS, and the old fan was the default from intel..

    thx ppl
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