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i've just recently finished ALL of Morrowind and Tribunal. I meen all of it every guilds quests have been done, except for the vampires. I've got Bloodmoon and am playin it, but im not likein it too much. So I'm lookin for a new RPG to play thats somethin like Morrowind. I've heard some mixed things on Fable, but does it run on the PC? I'd like the game to not be a MMORPG cuz then with most you have to P2P, and that just doesnt realy jive with me right now. Thanks for your segustions.


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  1. I dont even think they have fable for the Pc but you could always download an emulator ;) its a good game not insane good...just good

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  2. Fable for the PC is still in development, release expected somewhere near the end of the year I believe. You could try Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodlines. I never got round to playing MorroWind so I don't know if it is similar but I enjoyed it, if you can ignore the bugs somewhat.

    Another interesting experiment would be Boiling Point: Roadway to Hell which is an RPG mixed with FPS. However, again, be prepared for a lot of bugs (but at least it's still actively supported, this in contrast to VtMB, which is officially dead. If you look at the BP reviews so far, it's ranging from 1 to close to 9 so opinions seem to vary :smile: . Personally, I like it.


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  3. I'm with ya on that.. not really any good RPGs out right now. I played morrowind and ended up getting close to the end and the game had a glitch, which caused me to get into the room with the final guy before I should have.. he conviently fell off the walkway, into the lava or whatever below.. never to be seen again. Anyhow, I got the ring thing but had no clue if it was over or if that was the end.. haha.
  4. did you kill the heart of lorkan or what ever? well if you did then run out of the place, dont use a warp spell, i did that the first few times, you have to run out the long way, well sort of. just run until you meet Azura and a little movie will play, and then you get the ring of Azura, and then that pretty much the end of them game, after that you can basicly do what ever you want.


  5. Well, he fell off and I never actually got to fight him.. I wasn't ready when I somehow warped into the room.. he fell off and died apparently and that circular door opened, I took the ring, ran out.. and nothign ever really happened. I vaguly remember a video... the door opening and maybe some ghostly image of someone saying something to me?
  6. well lets see you fight dagoth ur, then the door should open with a ring in side, go thought the door, and then there'll be the same guy, remember he's a "god", then he'll say such niavity you thought you could kill a god... bla bla bla, run jump off the ledge with a slow fall or a levatate, run a cross the bridge, smack the heart with sunder, then stab it with keening 3 times, or it the other way around... after that the big robot looking thing will start to collaps thats when you bust out a scroll of wind form or the like(its got 500 levatite) fly out of the room, and keep flying till you get to a point where this gostly lookin dark elf stops you and a movie will play and she'll disapear and a right will be left flooting in mid air, and thats the game.

    damn i wrote all of that off of memory, i deffently played that game way too much. also if you dont have scroll of wind form you can use like a hop pad scroll so you can just jump back towords the door. which every way you go, just get out of their quick, dagoth urs killed me one too many times, right at the end. sorry about the spelling and my rambleing, and thanks for the segustions on some games, ill defintly look in to geting one of them ^^


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