Maxtor Hard drives! Dont Trust Em...

ive had 3 200GB Maxtor HardDrives 2 SATA and 1 IDE ... All Three Burnt Out and cant recover the data... good thing i had nothing important in them ....Western Digital Is Very Reliable tho never had a failure yet:lol:
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  1. i'm personally loyal to WD, but if i don't have access to those, i would be perfectly happy with seagate, it's maxtor that sucks, not seagate.
    even though i've had less experience with seagates, i would trust my data with them as much as i do WD

  2. Pray tell Einstein, on what grounds do Seagate, as you so eloquently put it, suck? I've used thousands of their drives, and had a minute failure rate, around 1.5%.
  3. Seagate just bought Maxtor within the last 6 to 9 months so they can hardly be blamed for Maxtor's problems.
  4. I also have been using countless Maxtor drives for the last 8 years. Out of 20 I have personaly used, I have only had 1 fail on me, which was an external drive (and the data was recoverable). Seagate purchased Maxtor this year, and I dont believe they are manufacturing the drives, Maxtor still is.

    By now, HDD technology is more or less equal, and failure rates among all drives are the same. The difference is really warenty, and performance, but not failure rates these days. You might just have a string of bad luck.... but dont be hating on products like that. Ignorance never solved any problems...(well maybe it has, but not usualy).
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