why is my amd xp 2400+ running at 85 degrees celsius?

hi everyone,

my current desktop, an amd xp 2400+ (socket A) on a asus a7v8x-x motherboard is currently running at temperatures of 85 degrees (CPU) and 48 degrees (MOBO). i am currently using the default fan that was provided by amd along with my cpu, and haven't changed it since i purchased it (around two years ago?) is this normal?

does this signify an end of life for my current desktop? or should i invest in a good HSF / water-cooling system to ease the temperature within the chassis? my room temperature is around 27 degrees celsius and the box is a walking heat radiator..

can someone help me out?
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  1. Try giving the processor heatsink a clean.., if youve left it untouched for 2 years its almost certainly covered in fluff and dust, which will decrease the efficeiency of the heatsink.

    Try and remove the fan, both to clean it, and gain proper access to the heatsink. Make sure you get ALL the fluff out, it gets gummed into the deepest crevices of the fins.

    Personally i do this with a hoover.. how wise a thing to do that is i dont know, but you definitely dont want to just blow on it and redistrbute the dust elsewhere! (obviously though, be carefull not to dmage anything)

    Whilst the case is open you may as well dust everything, if the northbridge has any fans on it, or addtional heatsinks elsewhere on the mobo they may benefit from a dust too!

    That should improve things a bit. From then on just be sure to clean heatsinks and fans once in a while cos they do get dusty quickly.
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