Is this HyperTransport too high for an overclock?

Mobo: DFI Lanparty NF4Ultra
CPU: AMD Opteron 165
VGA: ATI Radeon X1900XT
Memory OCZ PC3200 low latency memory (2-3-2-5) but no overclocking habilities

The question: Well ima put that Opteron on 2.4GHz and to do so ima change the HTT to 267 or even 270 with the memory multiplyer 3/4 to keep the memory on CAS 2. The main problem is that keeping the hypertransport multiplier at 4 willl give me 1080 Mhz and changing to 3 give me only 810MHz. I dont want to go for the number 3 since it would give me low transfer rates (i've calculated and forgot the number), but going on 4 would go through the theoretical limit of 1Ghz a lil bit.
IF i go for number 4 multiplier will my system crash or something like that? I have only one Maxtor Caviar running on its SATA2 dream (SATA2 has no improvements over SATA) and this baby radeon and im worried that 810 MHz may enought hit the roof of my system and bottleneck it. Will i get bottlenecked with a SINGLE X1900XT and a SINGLE SATA 7200RPM HD?
And also, what kind of problem will i have if i pass that 1GHz limit? WIll something burn or the system will just not be stable? The are so many "dos" and "not to dos" in OC that im really getting curious lol

Ty all for the ideas and comments given
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  1. Having an effective HTT below 1GHz does'nt hurt performance in any way, shape or form.

    So, use 3x and enjoy the extra overclocking headroom !

    Same goes for the memory, don't hesitate to use the appropriate divider to keep it stable if your goal is to overclock your CPU to the verge of stability.
  2. I have my opteron 170 overclock to 2.6 ghz. The htt is set at 260. I am using the 4 multiplyer, so its at 1040. The system boots fine and is completely stable. I also have the x1900xtx and it is not a bottleneck at all. As long as the system posts and is stable then a 4 multiplyer is fine. If you go too high on the hypertransport speed then your system may become unstable. But as long as you dont go too high it should'nt burn anything up.
  3. With nForce 4 boards, you want to keep the HTT below 1100.
    With ATI's new 580 chipset, it is stable up to 1300 or 1400MHz.
    I am running mine at 1200MHz now and very stable, using an Opteron 175 at 240x11 for 2640MHz on the CPU.
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