New Build, shaking off 3yrs of Rust. Feedback appreciated

Hi guys. It's been 3 years since I built my last computer and the rust is certainly showing itself. I would like to get some feedback on the parts I'm about to purchase for my next build to make sure I'm not overlooking an incompatibility or bottleneck. The system will be be used for gaming, but not graphics design or any other high-end work. I'm willing to pay for quality, but I don't plan on going past the spike that exists for the most recent technology (unless I completely overlooked a benefit).

Quick list:
Motherboard: Asus P5WD2 955X

CPU: Pentium D 930

Memory: Corsair 2G (2x1G) DDR2 667

Harddrive: WD 320G 16mb 7200 (I've seen a lot of people buying the 72G Raptor, which looks tempting as my primary application drive while using the 320 as a storage drive. Is it really that big of a difference, or can I do well with the 320 as my primary?)

Video Card: Sapphire X1800XT

After reading the Toms Hardware article on the Spring '06 video cards I don't think the price jump from the 1800 to the 1900 is worth it. But I am definitely open to suggestions of other cards in the same price range.

I'll be transferring the other components from my old comp. I'm hoping the 450W power supply is enough, but right now I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance to those who can provide any feedback!

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  1. hello, i'm not a native english speaker sow espect some, a lot of typeos, do you know about AMD procesors performing better than intel, at least until conroe starts selling, they also run cooller and with less power, if you're interested i'd reccomend a DFI mb with an athlon 64 x2(best you can afford) or buy an opteron and overclock it to the same performance!

    if you can wait a couple of months more you'l be able to get a conroe which will be MUCH better than curent cpu's of any company.

    the video card is a nice invesment until dx10 and if you get the xt 512 mb version you'l survive even more(of course by that time it will be a rather mainstream card, but sow will it's direct oponent 7900 gt-nvidia)

    and finally the raptor is a decent performer, easier to use compared to raid 0, and the price is still just a little bit over it's capabilities
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