Kingston HyperX or ValueRam ?

Here is the computer that I want to build for gaming on a budget.

Sonata II Case
Athlon 3200+
MSI Neo4-F
XFX 7600GT XXX edition
Seagate 120gig
2 X 512 PC3200 Kingston RAM

I was wondering is there a big performance difference between the
HyperX Kingston, Timing: 2-3-2-6 (
And the Valueram, Timing: 3-3-3 ?

At my store, there is a $30 difference between the 2. I do not want to do any overclocking. Would it be a wise investment to put this money on the HyperX memory or should I stay with the ValueRam ?

Thank you for your time and advices
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  1. Well since you're not planning on overclocking, the value ram should be good enough. However if you play games with your pc then get a 2x1Gb value ram for optimum performance. There's a difference on both hyperX and value ram, but it would be just an overkill to use the hyperX due to the cpu. As for the 2x1Gb value ram over the 2x512Mb, it enables you to play games at higher settings. But if this pc is for just your daily use like business, web or personnal applications other than gaming then the 2x512Mb value ram is the wise choice.
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