nForce 6.70 chipset driver. Is it recommended?

Hi, just wanna know if i should install this latest chipset driver? Is it safe? By the way im completely new to AMD boards and so havnt got any experience with the drivers.
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  1. I Don`t Download The nForce Drivers From , I Just Download Them From ...
    I Think It Is Safer ... You Should Go To ASUS WebSite & Search For Your MotherBoard`s Drivers ... 8) Be Cool
  2. Here Is The Link For Your Mobo`s Lastest Drivers ... 8)
  3. Cool thanks. Couldnt find that before!
  4. Wait a minute... ive been lookin around before i went ahead and downloaded the 1011.006 BIOS and i only see people using the 1011.005 version :? The 006 BIOS on the link you gave me is a BETA version so you think its the right one?? I just dont want to mess up my system like the last time i installed the wrong BIOS version...
  5. Why Do You Want To Update Your Bios ??
    What is The Point in Doing This ??...
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