Slow downs every few minutes on my 7800 GTX! :(

In "new" games like Oblivion, Condemned, and Cthulu...I can play just fine for about 3 minutes, then the game gets very slow/choppy for about 15 seconds, and the cycle repeats itself.

If I turn resolution to 1024 or below, it goes away mostly. If I keep it at 1200+, it continues. Older games like BF2 and Warcraft III don't get me this problem. I have no idea what the problem could be. I tried changing a whole different bunch of nvidia forceware drivers but the problem remains.

My 7800GTX idles at around 52-59C, and hits about 80 at full load. Could it be a heat issue? I have two intakes and two outakes (including one intake on the side right over the GPU). Has anyone else had this type of problem? It's driving me MAD!
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  1. Other system specs?
  2. AMD 4000+ (Sandra rates gives it a PRC estimate of 3600? wtf?)
    1 gig of DDR500 RAM (I have it underclocked because it wasn't stable for some reason at 500).
    7800 GTX 256
    300gig SATA HD
    Abit AX8
    Some 500W power supply
  3. AMD 4000+ doesnt mean 4.0ghz+
    Its a speed rating. its only 2.4ghz right so Sandra is gonna estimate what it thinks the processor is capable of and obviously it rates it right there around 3.6ghz if it says 3600.
    As to your problem, do you have Norton running? That will certainly cause problems. When playing BF2 I have to disable auto protect as well as disable internet worm protection. You could also have other resource hogging programs running in the background. Cntrl/alt/del to see whats running and turn off anything unnecessary before starting your game. Then see what happens.
  4. I opened my case and put a huge fan blowing right into it and so far I haven't gotten the problem again.

    Was my GPU idling at 59 too high? It hit 80-83 under full load...
  5. My leadtek PX7800gtx idles at 48°C with a single 120mm case fan. In my NVidia console, the default core slowdown threshold is 115°C so I don't think 80-83 will hurt it. You can always set it to warn you when it hits the threshold.

    BF2 does work best with over 1 gig of ram.
  6. Well BF2 works fine.

    It's "new" games like Oblivion, Ctuhulu (sp?), and Condemned that sputter...
  7. Something's not quite right. I've got two intakes (one of them a 120mm right on the gpu) and two outtakes...and I idle at 58!
  8. where do you have your fans placed? They could be "blocking" each other...
  9. meh run a spyware scan and what not sounds like garbage on the PC
  10. Not likley prozac, but on one part you may be right, I think the ram is good, but why did his ram run unstable at full speed :?
    I doubt that this could be the issue, but the mobo, perhaps??
    Maybe he should try putting more juice in theram, OC the ram and see whats happens, other than that he could have damaged his GTX by OCing??
    WTF :?
  11. what about the CPU Heat ?

    i mean if it runs fine then after 3min or so it starts chugging it sounds like Heat, or mabey spyware

    so if u could post us the temps of the CPU and run a Spyware cleaner (ie Adware or Spybot Search & Destroy)
  12. It's not spyware.

    I checked GPU temperature during a game and it's at 93C!

    I have overlocked my GPU before, but it's not overclocked now. Could the four socket connector plugged into my 7800 gtx be messed up?

    CPU temperature seems fine.
  13. Call Of Ctuhulu Has Less Graphic Than BattleField 2 , I Finished it @ 1600x1200 Max Easily ...
    I Say Back up Your Hard Drive , Then Format All of Your Drives , Intsall A New Fresh Windows XP+Service Pack 2 & Install The Lastest Drivers For All Of Your Parts ... This May Solve Your Problem ...
    If You Don`t Wish To Do This , Download PerfectDisk 7.0 , & Let It Defragments All Your HardDrive ...
    & I Think 93C Is A Little High For Full Load ... Maybe This Is The Problem ...
    If You Have The Cash , Try To Get A New Cooler For Your GPU ... Like Accelero X1 ...
  14. I was cleaning my case for dust with compressed air and checking power connection to make sure they were all fit.

    Now my computer won't turn on. When I push the power button, the mobo doesn't post, and no fans start spinning. About 3 seconds after I hit the power button, I get a long beep followed by a short beep, the mobo says POST CODE 8.3.

    I have an Abit AX7. Please help... :(
  15. use google, if you know what bios you have then you'l be able to find out which component has failed(with that beep-ing sound) :idea:

    but if the fans don't go on then it's limited to:
    1)power supply - maeby it couldn't take the load and it started gettin' weaker
    2)mb partially FRIED
  16. your sistem looks ok my friend`s a simple matter either have a software problem...antivirus...mailing software...etc...or it`s simply hanging at high resolution.......
    try a fresh install..........
    good luck
  17. Quote:
    I can play just fine for about 3 minutes, then the game gets very slow/choppy for about 15 seconds... My 7800GTX idles at around 52-59C

    It remembers me CPU throttling a lot... but in this case it may be GPU throttling.
    Some CPUs will slow down if there is too heat or –if some part of the CPU gets over a temperature threshold-. There was a great article of TomsHardware about this:
    Take a look at this video:

    Remember that the temperatures your card gives are taken at just one spot! And not all the parts of the GPU dissipate the same heat… so you may be reaching the clock throttling down threshold, on some spot of the GPU, even when the reported full load temperatures are bellow such threshold.
    Have you tried to replace the GPU’s heat sink or the thermal paste? Looking at the idle temperatures it may be a heat transfer problem.
  18. "I checked GPU temperature during a game and it's at 93C!

    Not good!
  19. "I was cleaning my case for dust with compressed air "

    Hopefully this was done with a compressed air can made specifically for electronic components, which do not take kindly to compressed air combined with moisture as would come out of a typical, garage- type air compressor...
  20. That heat is a concern. Once you get it going again, take the side panal off and see if that helps.

    It may be an air flow problem.
  21. I'm about to gut my computer to find out what's wrong. I pray to god nothing got fried when I was cleaning the inside.

    Never thought my quest to lower my GPU temp would result in my computer completely dying.

    Updates soon... :(
  22. "8.3 is ATX power supply ready check."
    It seems a power supply or power cables problem... as you has been "cheking the power connection" I would say it's the latter.
    Check again the power cables you previously "checked" :)
  23. I replaced the PSU with a new Antec one and now fans actually start spinning and power flows when I hit the power button.

    Now I get "post code error 8.7 (check cpu voltage), the computer makes one long beep, three short beeps, and then shuts down.

  24. Those temps on your card are pretty damn high. I have 2 7800GT's in SLI and neither ever go over 60*c.
  25. Problem was two-fold.

    PSU went bad (replaced it, fixed the 8.3 problem), and when I bumped the comp against the wall carrying it (not hard), it BENT some of the pins on my processor (causing the 8.7 problem).

    I had to get a damn pin and try to adjust about 15 bent pins, and was terrified I'd have to buy a new processor.

    Sigh. Worst 24 hours ever.
  26. That's bad luck! Does the processor work after you bent the pins again?
  27. That bad psu was only one problem...your gfx card is running hot.
    I have an FX5950 Ultra overclocked that has never hit 50C and a 7900GT also overclocked that never goes over 41C.

    Does the fan on the gfx card even spin?
    If you have a cat in the house you may have fibers wraped around the fans shaft slowing way down.
  28. How on earth do you bend pins on the CPU when bumping it whilst it is seated in the motherboard? If that is true then:

    a) you have likely damaged the motherboard as well, and possibly other components

    b) you have been incredibly lucky to just be able to straighten the pins.

    That GPU is definitely hot - I can reach mid 70 degrees on full load (and that's powering 2 screens) but at idle it normally sits at 39 - 40 deg C. Try making sure that there is a spare slot under your card (move a PCI card somewhere else) to allow proper airflow.
  29. i can speak for the 7800gt, has same 40 degrees in idle and arround 70 in load.....

    good luck everybady....
  30. I just reformatted and reinstalled everything. First installation would get a BSOD every time windows booted up. Reinstalled/reformatted AGAIN and now everything seems okay, although my computer has randomly rebooted itself once.

    Right now my GPU is idling at 49C...
  31. Reading this thread was equivalent to seing MI3 this weekend.
    I knew you would make it out alive!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  32. sorry server reposted = (
  33. I read a review of the Monarch Furia at HardOCP today, and they were having stuttering problems in Battlefield 2 that were fixed with a BIOS update. If you have solved your GPU heat issue and are still seeing hitches in BF2, then maybe you should check for a BIOS update. I'd personally save that for last though ... I've only destroyed one motherboard in 10 years of BIOS updates, but it was painful.
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