Is my Raptors speed okay?

Hi, i just ran a disk speed test and my main results are; Overall Write Speed = 33.6 Kb/sec, Overall Read Speed = 39Kb/sec. Now none of this really makes much sense to me so i am looking to experts who can tell me if these are slow or fast speeds in general. Also anyone else with a 150GB Raptor, if you know your read/write speeds plz post them so i can compare. thanks for any help.
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  1. What did you use to measure your speed? I have XP installed on the same hard drive. I will run the same test when I get home and let you know what I get.
  2. Those results are way off and obviously wrong. (about than 1000 times too slow for any hard drive, even connected via USB 2.0)

    Retest using HDTach (free utility). You will have no problem finding reviews with HDTach results for the 150 GB.

    Results should be around
    8.1 ms access time
    77.7 MB/s Average Read
  3. i presume u mean MB/s not KB/s cos if it really were KB/sec it would take hours to do anything
  4. Hi there, i installed and used a utility called HDTach , like codesmith suggested and here are my results, Random Access = 8.4ms, Average read = 75.4MB/s. Oh yeah and Burst Speed = 137.4MB/s If you could get that and tell me your results that would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  5. Your Raptor is peforming great, only few % below the maximum possible scores.

    Remember you can't compare scores from different programs and sometimes people quote maxium read rates rather than averate or even worse interface burst rates which simply meassue the speed of the bus and not the drive itself.

    Anyway if your is in fact performing slowly, its definately not the hard drive.

    You should try defragmenting and perhapse running virus and spayware scans (avast, adware, spybot are my favorites).
  6. Okay great thanks, its a relief to know my Raptors working right. I guess i should try running the speed test after a reboot to see if i can get even better results. Oh yeah and i use Spybot as my spyware killer 8)
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