Possible problems with Silverstone ST60F

This is the 600 watt unit. When I first built my new system 3 months ago I didnt even look at the motherboard monitors to show voltage and temperatures, because I was just happy that it booted up. So, I was going to do some light overclocking on my X2-3800 and I installed a motherboard monitor and also the standard motherboard utility provided by Abit(the motherboard is a KN8 without SLI).

I thought all was fine, but before I started to overclock I looked at my voltages and they are crazy, varying as much as .4 volts. My 3.3V reads as low as 2.98, my 12 V can read near 11.75. I know are far as variance goes, the 12V isnt too much of a problem, but the 3.3V worries me. My system is rock solid with a 400 mhz overclock(I will try to get more later).

Also, what are the negative values in my monitor software? I think it has a -12V and a -6V, and these values are much worse. The -12 reads -5 or so... I never knew what these were in the first place so I didnt worry about them at all.

Should I be worried or is this simply a problem inherent with onboard and software monitors?

Thanks in advance for all help. FYI, I dont own a voltage meter(or whatever they are called) so I can measure the volts without the software.
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  1. I dont think its the silverstone, thats quite a rock solid PSU!

    I think its the MB it only has 4 phase voltage regulators now days MBs from 955x and nforce 4 (32) chipsets and up have 8 phase voltage regulators.
  2. thanks for the reply, it sounds like I dont have to worry about it, especially since my computer is stable.
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