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Have any of you heard about the Palit and Forsa's series of GFX cards?? Are they good enough?? Many people are getting them here but then again 90% people who use computers here don't even know what a gfx card is..... 8O ....so any advice about those 2 companies?? They have a full line of cards...every last ATI and nVidia offering....I'll give the links here....
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  1. I've heard of them. Never had one, but as far as I know they're fine...
  2. Anyone know where i can get decent reviews of these cards??
  3. Have you tried googling it?
  4. Yea i did. Found nothing worth looking at. And nothing at all about the 7 series cards.
  5. Well palit are pretty good but forsa i don't know about.
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