CPU overheating, cant get the fan and heatsink off..... help

Not to long ago I notice that my computer was overheating and it kept restarting, but I did not know what it was at first. I first thought it was video card, but that was not true I replaced it and still same problem. Then came the memory and replaced that too, but still not luck. Then come the cpu..... Well if i could take the damn fan and heatsink off i could change my cpu or maybe just the heatsink and fan, but i cant even take those off... I seems to be stuck to something and I throw my intel box that it came in and I dont know what to do....... Its a P4 3.0 with HPT 1 MB L2-Cache, 800 MHz FSB, PGA-478 Pkg.... Please some help I cant play wow because my computer restarts every 5 min. I am in the game.....
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  1. Did you try to release the retention clips. I find that it is easiest to use a small pocket knife, insert where the thing locks and then to turn the knife to release the clip.

    If you did that and the CPU is stuck to the HSF (thermal or something), go realy slowly try to loosen it with some alcohol (the pure stuff, not the type to drink) on a cotton swab or similar. also you could try cutting very carefully between the HSF and the CPU
  2. although i am not a hardware expert you seem to have overlooked the power supply,my girlfriends pc kept restarting by itself, i bought her a new power supply and case and now it is fine.
    just a thought
  3. More info please

    I presume it is a stock intel cooler.... as you have never removed it before..... Is it a stock intel cooler?

    If it is you have to unclip the plastic retention brackets there are two of them (hard to explain)

    Once you have removed it you should remove the HSF and FAN by gentely twisting (clock wise or anti clock wise) and a bit of gentle lifting at the same time. Buy now the thermal paste is probably is bit sticky and looks more like chocolate cake etc.

    Clean off the thermal paste from the CPU with rag and isopropanol ( I recomend you take the CPU out of the MB and carefully dont bend any of the pins on the bottom of the CPU).

    Put new cooler on. I recomend Zalman especially for newbies because its website has a helpful mini movie and detailed instructions on how to install the new heatsink. There is a list of compatilbe MBs for their heatsinks just make sure yours is compatible (most MBs are compatible with Zalman 9500. Can be a bit figity if you have fingers the size of sausages etc but should take you less than an hour all up.

    I do agree it could be the power supply.... Ive had a spider crawl into a PSU stop the fan and cook the powersuply. (I hope that spider sufferd a very slow and painful death! that silverstone cost me 200 bucks!)
  4. Yes its a stock intel cooler... It has two white chips on the top that you move left to right to lock and unlock and thats all I think there is to the fan, but that might be my problem there might be something that I am missing....
  5. you need to unlock those white ones and then you need to release the black clips that rundown by the fan to the motherboard retention module

    see: http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/1366/unbenannt6um.png (sorry for bad quality, couldnt find a better qual. pic. on google imags)
  6. what every you do, do it slowy.. and remember that the white clips that attach the the fan mount to the heatsink itself and will remove as one piece. just take your time and a good look at the construction. using a flathead Screwdriver to pry the rention clips from the base is helpful.

    Just to let you know these are always a little tricky to remove till you learn how.
  7. If your heatsink is like the one that I had for my Northwood C P4, I can help you out. The retention levers go in opposite directions on mine.

    I replaced the stock cooler on my CPU with a Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu several months ago. When I went to take off the stock heatsink, mine was stuck too. The reason is the stock heatsink uses a carbon thermal pad instead of thermal grease/paste.

    What you need to do is twist the heatsink back and forth while pulling some. Don't totally yank on it or you might break something and don't twist too far in one direction. Keep twisting back and forth until it comes loose.

    You will probably need a new thermal pad or some thermal pase if you take your heatsink off and reuse it. If you do you will want to clean off the old pad as some will be stuck to the heatsink and some will be stuck to the CPU.
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