Cant install Win XP onto Raptor HD

I have just got a Raptor HD 150 gig.

Took out my old HD installed and hooked up the raptor.

Put Windows CD in (original windows)

CD copies windows files into comp

Windows says NO HD is detected to install windows onto!!!!
(Bios does not detect my raptor either)

Please press F3 to start

Reset COSMOS....BIOS sees new raptor...

If i change any settings in BIOS then the raptor does not exist on reboot and comp looks for IDE drive for the rest of its life!

Are the possible compatibility issues with raptors and Abit IC7 G MBs?
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  1. In your BIOS, set all HDD detection to 'Auto'.

    Also check your boot sequence.

    I havnt got that mobo, so I cant comment on compatability, but a raptor should work on all sata mobos. Try googling, and see what you get.
  2. I doubt there are any issues with your mobo and drive. What version of Window$ are you using?

    Try to load a diag diskett for your Raptor just to make sure there are no issues, as well as to ensure you have a fully raw and zero'd out HDD.

    I would suspect that your need to configure your PC to boot to Sata cannel one or two.

    Also if there is raid on that board, make sure its enabled, As said be for, I dont have that mobo, but some of them disable sata when raid is disabled. Lastly, update the bios if possible, some older boards intended to have sata as a storage solotuion not to store a bootloader.
  3. Verify that the raptor is plugged into the proper SATA port, be sure to enable SATA in the BIOS, make sure the SATA is in the proper boot order, and make sure the HDD detect is set to auto.

    If 1 of these is not the way it should be, then you'll get the issues you're describing.

    Good luck!
  4. In addition to needing to press F6 and load the proper SATA drivers for the silicon image controller you may also need to enter the controllers RAID Setup and add the drive to a single drive array.

    But is sounds like you are better off using your chipset provided SATA ports instead as wusy suggested.
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