Asus A8V Delux and 150g WD Raptor problem.

Hi, I've been a reader of this forum for quite a while, don't post that much.
Wonder if someone can help me, just bought 150g raptor, can’t install windows xp. Windows copy 70-75% files and than can't copy any more. Did format HD with Western Digital software.
If connected to second controller, windows didn’t even started.
36G raptor works fine.
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  1. Some Random Guesses

    Are you installing Windows XP SP2?
    Versions eariler than SP1 do not support partitions larger than 127 GB.

    If necessary quick search on the internet will help you learn how to copy your CD to your hard drive, upgrade it to SP2 and then burn it.

    Are you trying to install XP with more than one drive connected?
    Are you pressing F6 and loading the correct drivers for your SATA controller?

    Did you test the drive with the manufacturers utlity to see if it is in perfect working order? (suggest ultimate boot CD).

    Are you sure you Windows XP CD isn't dirty/scratched/damaged/corrupt?

    Are you sure your pc is stable. Try testing with memtest86 and prime95 (also on ultimate boot CD)?

    Some Questions.
    1) Is this a new build or are you adding a new drive to an existing system.
    Assuming this is a new drive added to a working system.

    2) What happens when you boot from the 36 GB with the 150 Gb attached?
    3) Are you using the same installation CD that you used when installing the OS on the 36 GB drive? What happens when you try to copy the entire contents of the CD to a folder on your hard drive.

    Anyway I gave you some things to think about/ try.
  2. Thanks for response, but:
    I’m using XP SP2.
    That’s the only HD I have connected, 150 Raptor, if I have it as a second HD, windows won’t start.
    I’m using the same copy of windows I used to reformat and install windows onto my second 36G Raptor, same SATA controller (F6).
    I reformatted Raptor using latest WD tool, didn’t get any errors.
    This is a home build systems, 1.5 year old, plays Oblivion on high settings pretty smooth.
    I think I answered all your questions, any more suggestions?
    Really appreciate your help.
  3. Do you think that my be the answer I was looking for (WD website)?
    Still my mobo does recognize my 150 Raptor.

    Second Generation Serial ATA hard drives are not detected when connected to a VIA or SIS Serial ATA controller. These First Generation Serial ATA controllers include the following chipsets:
    • VT8237

    • VT8237R

    • VT6420

    • VT6421L

    • SIS760

    • SIS964

    Our Second Generation Serial ATA hard drives use autospeed negotiation. This enables our Second Generation Serial ATA hard drives to automatically detect the motherboard data transfer rate, making it backward compatible with First Generation Serial ATA data transfer rates. However, because this technology is so new, some older First Generation Serial ATA controllers are unable to support autospeed negotiation and cannot recognize the drive. This “drive not detected” condition occurs when a chipset is incapable of correctly negotiating the data transfer speed with a Second Generation Serial ATA hard drive.

    • You can purchase and install a third party PCI or PCI-Express Second Generation Serial ATA controller card for your Serial ATA hard drive(s).

    • To lock the drive at 150 MB/s data transfer rate, install a jumper shunt on pins OPT1, shown in the picture below.
  4. But not Asus SATA controller.
    To answer my own question in regards to mobo.
  5. Quote:
    But not Asus SATA controller.
    To answer my own question in regards to mobo.

    your mobo comes with the VIA K8T800 Pro which means the SATA controller is part of it
  6. SATA controller drivers?
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