upgrading from IDE to SATA - a few questions

I want to upgrade my old WD 5400 rpm IDE drive to an SATA drive, preferably a Maxtor MaxLine III 250GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive. I know the raptors are better, but I don't want to spend the money on one. Here is my situation - I have a Asus A8N SLI Premium motherboard, so it should support 3.0 SATA, right? I only plan to run ONE drive, this one, no raid or anything like that. So what SATA port should I plug this into? Is there anything I should know when installing my 1st SATA drive?? Thanks
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  1. My advice to you: buy it, plug it up and go. It shouldn't matter what port you plug it into on that motherboard, just stick it in the first one.
  2. just have a floppy(with SATA drivers you want to use) ready when you re-install windows to load the SATA drivers after you hit F6 i believe. its pretty simple actually. I wish someone would have helped me my first time.

    Everytime windows installer said no HHD detected I was like WTF!! LOL

    I was such a noob back then :P
  3. I've got an A8N32-SLI, so if the board layout is the same i'll make it easy for you.

    When I first connected the drive, I got massive problems ie it wouldn't detect the drive properly. Turns out I had misread the manual and was using the 'extra' Silicon Image SATA controller.

    When I used the nvidia SATA controller, everything worked fine and has been ever since. Windows XP Pro SP2 (the version I have) did not need me to load the SATA drivers.

    So, in short:

    RTFM, make sure you are connecting the HDD to one of the nvidia SATA ports (choose the first one for the sake of neatness). Then, ensure that your HDD is connected properly to your PSU (whether this will be done via the native SATA power socket or using a Molex adapter will depend on your PSU).

    Next, fire the PC up with your bootable Win XP CD and it should work fine. If you get any issues, check your BIOS settings to ensure all is enabled correctly.

    NB: If you can't find your motherboard manual the Asus website will have them

    Oh, and I have an Hitachi T7K250, its a great drive.
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