RAID 5 hotswap.

We here at work have a PowerVault 745N NAS system that has 4 80gb IDE drives. Drives for this system can be hot swapped. Now my question is can I just take out a drive, and throw in a huge 300gb drive and go ahead and rebuild the drive, or it might do it itself. But I'm just wondering if I can throw in a drive of a decent size, or can I only put drives of the same size/specs as the current ones.

thanks for any help!
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  1. what drives came with the NAS? as far as i know, only sata II drives can hot swap...
    if it's running on raid 5, a 300GB would be a waste, as it would use only 80GB or 160GB i guess.

    if you want to have a full 600GB raid 5 array, then you would have to use 4 300GB disks, or 3 disks for 300GB
  2. 1 depending on the raid card. Some cards like the newer ones, will let you make different raid configs, using the same physical drives. For instance in one of my systems i have a cerc card which is 6 channel sata. i have 6x 300 gb drives. 1 config is a 6x50 gb raid 10. = 150 gb of protected, with very high read performance. The rest of the 6x 250 gb is raid 5.

    Now with your situation, if you pull a 80 and replace with a 300, the array will only see the 80gb, if you are lucky. Best thing to do, is back up, get more 300 gb drives, make new config, and restore... Ideally in a Raid config, you use the exact same drives.. down to same model, number. Some people will argue you dont have to, which you dont, but when it comes to situations like this, where you run into, the fact thhat they dont make the same 80gb drive anymore, then you have problems..

    Also, since it is a NAS, what kind of configurations can you make to it? what does the documentation say, when concerning the replacement of a drive?
  3. Still looking for the docs, might end up just d/ling them. Anyways they aren't IDE's like I said earlier, so there is 4 80g sata drives using a CERC sata1.5/6ch controller. Got 2 virtual disks on the controller , one is 10gb for the OS, and 213gb for data. we are getting down to 40gb free I just wanna be sure what to do when we run out. I'll probably end up buying 4 decent sized drives for it like you said.
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