New System...Need a HD HELP!

Its my bro's birthday in like a week and I'm looking for a hard drive for a system with the following specs:
AMD 4000
Gigabyte K8NS Ultra Mobo
2GB OCZ 2-3-2-5

My friend has a working ExcelStor 80GB ATA100 7200 rpm HD that he'll sell to me for like $20. Is it worth it buying a new WD HD with ATA133 7200rpm? I guess i want to know if the read and seek times will be that much better with a newer one. I think I read that newer WD and Seagate 7200rpm drives have seek and read times at .5ms faster at the most. Thanks!

Or should I say screw it and get a Raptor!?
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  1. if u got the cash, go for hte raptor, if not the difference between the excelstor, and WD are minimal at best. i doubt any1 would be able to tell hte difference between them. and i have yet to see any harddrive use the whole 100 mb/s forget 133.
  2. If possible, get a SATA drive. They're not that more expensive, and the cables aren't a restriction on airflow. And if you have the money, get a raptor. Then you will see the benefits, but make sure the raptor is actively cooled.
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