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Yes, my s/n does describe me right now. All this new "stuff" is totally confusing.

Currently I have a custom built, but it's going on 6 years old and I will need alot done (that I can't do - I'm older and disabled).

Current: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Socket A
Gigabyte Motherboard GA-7VRX rev.2.0
Via KT266/333 AGP Set
1 gig Kingston valueram (2x512) PC2100
Thermaltake 420 watt dual fan PSU
80 gig HD, CD Wr, DVD player, Floppy
eVGA FX5500 256 MB 128-bit AGP 4x/8/ graphics card

No more Via -- ever.

I'm looking at this custom on ebay:
New!! AMD ATHLON 64 3500+ PC
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Newcastle 2000MHz HT 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939.

Mother Board:

GigaByte GA-K8NS Ultra-939.Supporting the latest AMD socket 939 AthlonTM64/ 64 FX processor, the GA-K8NS Ultra-939 brings new levels of performance and features to the desktop platform. The brand new AMD AthlonTM64/ 64 FX processor is furnished with unprecedented framework consisting of AMD's 64-bit computing platform, HyperTransport Technology, and internal DDR400 memory controller to boost the overall performance. Accompanied with the innovative designs of AthlonTM64, the advanced NVIDIA nForce3 platform processor and Gigabyte's unique technology also contribute to the functionality and stability of this platform. The industry's first IEEE 1394b controller from T.I. is integrated for the high-speed interface of future Audio/Video devices. Another feature is the Dual LAN, equipped for establishing the traffic between two separate networks to ensure rapid transfer of data from WAN to LAN. The IEEE1394b, and Serial ATA provide superior input/output performance and data protection.

Video Card:
ATI Radeon 9800PRO 128MB

Hard Drive:
Seagate 160 GB 7200RPM SATA hard Drive With 8MB Buffer.

CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit System Memory.

Case: The Virgo 811 Gaming case Brings you contemporary design with awesome options. The Virgo Features a real-time temperature gauge 120mm rear super slient exhaust fant, 80mm red,yellow,orange wind tunnel fan, and an huge transparent window to let you show off all your components.

DVD Writer:
dvd rewriter DVD± Rewriter.

8 Channel Audio With the innovative function of Universal Audio Jack (UAJ) of ALC 850 AC97 codec, this platform provides superior 8-Channel stereo sound enjoyment without the stress of incorrect installation.

Network Card: DUAL LAN. Equipped with Gigabit and Ethernet LAN solution, this platform can be applied as network gateway, managing traffic between two separate networks and ensuring rapid transfer of data from WAN to LAN without any added arbitration or latency.

I wrote to the seller today asking what the PSU was - brand and wattage. I also asked why there's an ATI graphics card in a motherboard based on nVidia - I did a quick search and they don't seem to play well together.

There at least appears to be room for expansion - for CD wr and a floppy (yes we do sometimes use that).

Then on newegg I found this

ABS Awesome V2 30 Athlon 64 3200+ 512MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce 6150 - Retail

With this one I would obviously have to get a new PSU (don't know about 300 watts) and a PCI-E graphics card. Plus more ram

Computer is on alot more than it's off. Like having multiple windows open doing different things - surfing, making graphics (PSP) including animated, watch videos online, 2 play on Neopets - alot of flash based games and the site is graphics heavy/flash based, along with Shockwave, Gamehouse, MSN site games online. We would like to explore more online and PC games, which right now won't work right.

Have Visioneer 5800 One Touch USB scanner, Kodak 300 digital camera and dock, USB keyboard (generic), Logitech USB optical mouse, Samsung 150s 15" flat LCD monitor all conected. And at some point I need a new printer (mine bit the dust).
Use Win XP Home, ZA Pro Firewall, CA a/v, spybot, ad-aware, spywareblaster, hijakthis, NeroStartSmart CD burner, PowerDVD - for watching movies (not often), IE6 when needed, otherwise Firefox for browsing. No overclocking is done here.

I don't have alot of money (on a fixed income), but we need something that will be a reliable computer to be used until I can save enough to get my custom rebuilt. Yes, I'd love the Athlon 62x2, but those all seem out of price range for me. For the ebay I'd have to buy WinXP again (I'm pretty sure), the ABS comes with, but it looks to be OEM.

And before you all go eww at these 2, we were considering an eMachine T6528, price wise sits between the 2 above. But I don't know about the power supply issue with them - I know again I'd need a PCI-E video card and a new PSU. Those cases are just so small! I have a distrust of "micro" towers (oxymoron?) and having been burned owning a gateway once, well ... I'm hesitant.

Any advice on these or anything else you know of would be appreciated, along with any advice on PSU, graphics card, ram, etc.

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. personally, i think that in both system, the gfx card suck..u might be better saving up on the processor and getting an better g card...for eg, u can buy 3000+ (this processor has server me well on all my demanding games). then get a better g card. mayb nvidia6600. it;s cheap. btw, u might wanna put ur budget and whether u are just buying the system with or without monitor, etc.
  2. Quote:
    personally, i think that in both system, the gfx card suck..u might be better saving up on the processor and getting an better g card...for eg, u can buy 3000+ (this processor has server me well on all my demanding games). then get a better g card. mayb nvidia6600. it;s cheap. btw, u might wanna put ur budget and whether u are just buying the system with or without monitor, etc.

    Agree- but in general don't buy a computer off eBay, you are trusting your total experience of the knowledge of generally one person you cannot go see in person. Not a great idea in my book, especially for someone newer to building and might not be able to describe their problem. Plus your warranty is only has as valid as the amount of money in his wallet at any given time.

    The ABS system is not bad, (ABS is owned by Newegg so expect decent service). It is a good option for someone that wants a nice system to built off of. I run a 3000+, and it handles my games just fine including Oblivion.
  3. I agree w/ shadowduck the ABS seems to be your best bet.

    Even if you don't like the 300w power supply have you considered swapping it with your current TT 420w, your XP system will probably have no problems with the 300w. My TT420w even came w/ a 20-24 pin ATX adaptor so if you have one then you can put it to use.

    What is strange is it only comes w/ one 512M, so maybe ask them what brand/model it is so you can get a second one to make 1gb dual-channel if you like. Or get a pair of 512s like this G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB) CL2.5 for $81 shipped is not bad. Well better than value ram IMO :P then upgrade the XP system with the cheap 512m that is bundled.

    The asus mobo w/ the nvidia 6150 is probably the best performing integrated graphics solution out nowadays, check out these benchmarks comparing to the ATI radeon xpress 200. Unless you are playing some intensive 3d games you may find the integrated Geforce Go solution may be good enough for your needs.
  4. Hi

    Yes, I have a monitor, Samsung 150s Flat LCD, have keyboard, have mouse(s), so I don't need that.

    I need to figure out what I want for my custom rebuild, I'm thinking Athlon 64x2 to be "future ready", so a good motherboard, new solid PSU, basically I'll be starting over. There's not much in my current computer aside from the CD wr, floppy and DVD - though I'll probably upgrade to a DVD burner. I know I don't want SLI, that's overkill for me (and way too expensive).

    So atm I don't know how much I will need to spend on all the parts, and how much I'll be charged to have this all put together.

    That's why I don't want to spend alot on what will basically be a "for now" and then a "back up just in case" computer.

    I do agree with you on ebay, I just thought for the price it seemed ok -- but you never know.

    The ABS (newegg) would need a new PSU (it only has a 300 watt, probably generic something) along with a PCI-E card.

    If I were to buy the eMachine T6528, I would want a PCI-E card and a new PSU - it's the PSU for the "mini" tower that worries me there -- fit. Don't want that leaning against the motherboard. I wouldn't get the next one up, I think that's the T6532 because of the o/s. I don't like Windoze Media Center edition.

    And another 512 of ram for either the ABS or eMachine - but that's not expensive.

    I did contact eMachines asking who made the motherboard, what the PSU wattage was ... got an email today

    "Dear Valued Customer, (aka Alorica Inc.) is a strategic business partner with eMachines and we support their replacement and upgrade parts.

    Please contact eMachines directly via one of the methods below for further assistance. Either you are in warranty or we do not have the information you requested. " I took a visit to ... ewwwww.

    Thanks both of you for your time and advice :)

    I'm now between the ABS which is at least a 3500+ and the eMachine, which is a 3200+, but $50 cheaper - which is kind of negligible. All that'll buy is a new stick of ram.
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