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My wife just bought me an HP computer to replace the one that crashed and burned. Its got a pentium 4D 940 with 2 gigs DDR2 4300 ram. The ram is cas 3.5. I was wondering if I replaced the ram with DDR2 5300 or DDR2 5400 would I see much of an improvement. I will be useing the computer for photoshop and lots of games.
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  1. I don't think there would be that much improvement with the ram upgrade unless you were planning on OC'ing it. Make sure that your MB can even use that new ram to it's fullest before considering it. Most faster ram is meant for use during OC as you can increase the FSB without worrying too much about ram stability.
  2. With that 800MHz BUS you won't.
  3. According to the HP web specs the current ram is 533mhz, but it will support 667 mhz.

    So I went from an Athlon Xp 2500 oc'd to 3200 and I end up with this P4D. Should have stayed with AMD, but the wife.....
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