Quadro FX540 + GeForce6200 OC = Multi Monitor errors video

I have my system set up for hi end video editing. Everything was working fine with the Quadro FX 540. I added a GeForce 6200 OC PCI card to my system in order to have 3 monitors and a 4th TV monitor for Full Screen video from Adobe After effects, Premiere pro.

Now, whenever i try to play video on a monitor attached to the 6200 my system crashes. Editing works fine, but when I try to open the capture video window, my sytem crashes also, and I have to manualy reboot.

I realize this is a complex problem and I dont really expect anybody to know but I guess I can ask anyway.
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  1. hmm

    i think its a driver issue but im not shure, i could be wrong

    u try Downloading the Quadro drivers and the regular Driver together ?
  2. I can ask the driver team at Nvidia but I have a few questions for you first.

    As uber g stated, do you have both drivers installed? Forceware driver for the Quadro and consumer GeForce graphics card are different. The core architecture is different so they need different drivers.

    Forceware driver for your Quadro card

    Forceware driver for the 6200

    Also, what OS are you running? The links listed above are the WHQL 2000/XP driver versions.

    Have you encountered any other problems other than the video capture syste, freeze/reboot and the play video on the 6200 monitor?

  3. It was a driver problem. Thanks guys.
    I deleted the old drivers and re-installed. I think windows had instaled its own driver and was not using the one that came with the card. Will continue testing this rig. I was always afraid that having a Quadro card with a GeForce would casue problems.
  4. One thing I want you to try is to change one of the settings in the driver.

    Quadro Users Guide

    On page 114-115 there is a setting to change between multi-display performance and compatability mode.

    "Multi-display compatibility mode is available if you have two or more active displays when running in nView Dualview display mode or if you are using different classes of NVIDIA GPU-based cards."

    Officially Nvidia does not support using both types of cards in the same machine. That being said, I spoke with their driver team and before we go deeper into this where they have to repro the issue to see if this is widespread or isolated. Can you please try this compatability mode suggestion to see if this solves it for you?

    If not I will need more information on the build and the applications you are using when this happens.
  5. Oh, that is good to hear.
  6. Oops, after further testing it seems there are still more problems that are not solved.

    Now, when i lauch premiere, and try to lauch a new project -the system restarts itself. Also, if I click on window, workspace, and change the workspace, the system restarts itself.

    I have tried to find the compatablity mode but I cant find it anywhere.

    I am begining to think that a Quadro plus a GeForce is a bad idea so I am going to return it. Thanks for you help.

    System Specs;
    Dual Coe AMD Opteron 270
    Windows XP Service pack 2
    Tyan thunder K8WE motheroboard
    Quadro FX 540
    2 gigs corsar ram
  7. Just to clarify, 6200 is PCI X16, right? Or is it PCI?
  8. This card is regular old PCI. Not PCI express.
    BFG 6200 OC PCI version is what is on box.
  9. Whhaaaa? Is it possible to run 2 different GPUs on a SLI MOBO?
  10. Quote:
    This card is regular old PCI. Not PCI express.
    BFG 6200 OC PCI version is what is on box.

    Lol, then I'd suggest you sell it, being that it is such a rare model that you can price gouge :)

    Seriously though--how much was it? Where did you find it?
  11. I beleave this is a best buy only model cause I couldnt find it on any sites... - but i could be wrong. Everything best buy sells is consumer crap. It was around 153 dollars. I dont know why I tried it. I guess I knew I could try it and then return it anyway- which I just did.

    So is the general rule that if you have to use 2 of something they should always be 2 of the same thing? I learned this lesson the hard way about RAM. Is it the same for GPU? What if I get two Quadro FX cards but they are not the same model number?
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