p4 3.06ghz mobile on a Intel i865P/PE/G/i848P rev. A2 board?

Well ya see, my friend's got 2 dells. and Naturally he got Delled, the day after warranty ended his laptop went to heaven. So i was wondering if i can snatch taht 3.06ghz p4 mobile cpu and install it on his desktop motherboard. The board is another dell board and has hte i865 chipset. It currently has a 2.66ghz cpu.

Is there any problems to my proposal?
What is the difference between the desktop and the mobile versions of hte P4 anyways?
His original dell supplied heatsink should work for this new chip right?
I heard the mobile chips may be thinner than the desktop chips so the clamps might not work is that true?

I still got 3 grams of artic silver 5 in a container at home so thats not gonna be a problem. Both cpu's are 133mhz FSB and 532mhz bus (and from what i can tell just a different multiplier)
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  1. The most noticeable difference is that the mobile supports multiple multipliers (at least 2, possibly 3). Your 3.06 will drop to the lowest multiplier it supports which I believe is 12x.

    12x133 (533 bus runs a 133MHz clock) is 1.6GHz. Yes, that's right, your board would see it as a P4 1.6 with 533 bus, so long as I remembered the multiplier it would drop to correctly.

    You can run the thing at 2.4GHz and 800 bus, where it will outperform the 2.66 in many applications based on its higher bus speed and HT support. But that requires you to figure out how to get 800 bus.

    What would be best...is to get a better board and choose an even higher bus speed. 250x12 is 3.0GHz, and you could run super-fast DDR2-500 synchronously at its highest speed!

    I have an opportunity for you however...I have a Celeron D 310 pin-modified to automatically be detected at 800 bus. That means it's detected as a 3.2GHz processor, even on a Dell'd board. I might be willing to make a trade....
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