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Well after Narrowing our asterik server settings down and picking
hardware. I would have to say the most impressive phone on the market
for the price and to be the phone for us for the future leading us
into bigger and better things has to be the Snom. they got what it takes

I had to share this with you.

If you about to spend the big bucks on a cisco or a polycom take a good
look at the snom 190. The features are mind boggling. Open source
would be a keyword. Meaning a slowly but surly growing support.

This phone runs Linux.

Since I have not been able to see one web page show all the features and
experiences with this phone the best way to show you it is from the
numous pages highlights of the reviews that make the phone shine....

snom190 the most secure IP business phone in the market today.

probably one of the best web administration interfaces I've seen on any

Snome Wiki

Check out this companies philosophy... (they rock)

And the features that I like is there sweet web interface, load your own
ring tones, its possible to compile your own kernel for it.

the biggest seller would have to be the Intercom feature. Yes after
arguing out who supports what. and hearing about othere phones that can
do it. nativly , I hear they also will be IAX compatibl... this phone I
am supprised is not a must have. Like the Linksys wrt54gs router seems
to be.

Why mention this you ask. No I do not work for the company. But I sure
would not mind paying less for the phone because it became a heck of
alot more popular because it should be.

Go ahead.. tell me why this phone is not the best bang for your buck for
features and options. I am open minded. the more people complain the
more Open development will go into it. Opensource work eventualy eats up
closed source products. My personal oppinion.

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  1. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.voice-over-ip (More info?)

    SNOM - website - no prices - any ideas ?
  2. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.voice-over-ip (More info?)

    Because they are the manufactor.. its very common for manufactors not to
    list pricing.

    It just means they are not in the market of selling to consumers
    directly. that requires hassles of beyond there line of work.. to buy a
    snom phone you will require a retailer. try or if you are a
    retailer yourself and would like to sell these itesm. (note you may have
    to purchace 10 at a time) you can contact one of there many resellers.


    Martin² wrote:
    > SNOM - website - no prices - any ideas ?
    > Regards,
    > Martin
  3. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.voice-over-ip (More info?)

    The 190 is roughly $200.
    The 200 is end-of-life.
    The 220 is roughly $150.

    Snome reseller:


    "Martin²" <> wrote in message
    > SNOM - website - no prices - any ideas ?
    > Regards,
    > Martin
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