What is THE best DDR2 RAM out there

I'm getting an P5N32 SLI delux. I want to knwo whats the best ram I could possibly put into this MB... all sugestions welcome.
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  1. the highest speed that board supports is DDR2-667, so don't try to get DDR2-800 and expect it to run at its rated speed without having to be overclocked, or you'll just be wasting your money. Kingston, Corsair and OCZ are the only manufacturers i've seen so far that make DDR2-667 sticks... and those 3 are all good brands. Just remember, the lower the ram timings, the better, just find the best balance between timings and cost.
  2. you can't forget about Patriot. I see their ads for "the fastest 1000, 800 and 667 mhz memory" every day when checking out what's new on tomshardware, lol.
  3. I've seen this advertised as the fastest around:
    I don't know for sure but the timings seem freaking nuts for that high.
  4. actually this board is a gaming board and 533 667 are the stock rated modules for this board.
    im sure the extra bandwidth will be favorable. along with the overclock features.It really depends on your intentions. as far as I know the ddr2 800 rating is what the ram is tested at reliably.
    the asus site has a list of compatable memory .
    the overclock story on thg is a good starting point .
    this of course is extreme but shows whats what in stability.
    I orderd this corsair setup and will update when I can.
  5. 2x1Gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 667 is best for performance and overclocking.
  6. Thanks for your help I got some XMS2 works well.....
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