Buyers Guide, Part III: All Graphics Cards!

Well.. I wrote some things in another post as to why there were no offerings from Nvidia in the first two parts of the buyers guide and was assured that it would all come in part III. *Correction* they included some AGP sloutions from Nvidia. However part II arrives and to my dismay there are no Nvidia cards. Like everyone else in the world I want the best card for the $$, now why wouldn't they have both Nvidia and ATI's cards in the same comparison to see what you can get for your money. Furthermore why wouldn't THG include any cards from the other leading manufacturer? What they need to do is update there charts and include prices to inculde both Nvidia and ATI so that people can truly see what they are getting.

There's my piece on the whole thing.
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  1. I was surprised too. Kinda seemed a waste, especially when only running 10x7 res and missing so many key cards.

    BUT, they do clearly state that the cards had to arrive at their labs in retail box form, so I guess none of NV's partners got on the ball and shipped the cards out. I'd be kinda ticked if I was THG that they didn't make an effort to get the cards shipped out (ontime?).

    Oh well, lets just for fun say they were afraid of being smacked around by the Radeons. :twisted: :roll:
  2. very true... i was very dissappointed seeing that part 3 had only ATI cards.. out of the 20 cards they reveiwed there was only 2 NVidia cards. Is it so hard for tomshardware to get even a 7800GT in there? :(
  3. It's not as if they put in any good cards from Nvidia either... I mean AGP is virtually dead. I am sure they could have scrounged up some of the better offerings from Nvidia if they really wanted to.
  4. Meh. If you want to know the best card for the $$, look no further than my thread at the top of this forum... :wink:
  5. Woot, you said it Cleeve. (love the modesty BTW :D )

    Unless I'm losing it, THG renamed it - "ATI Buyers Guide Part III:All graphics cards".
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