What is a "AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (ES)" processor

I was cruising good ol ebay and happened upon this auction:


The item number is: 6881578990

Anyhow, it says only SOME boards are compatible with this new cpu and I was wondering what the heck the guys talking about.
I could only think that it is some sort of mobile cpu, google told no tales. It does appear to have a heatspreader installed so I am mystified.
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  1. Its one of the older cores that they are trying to pawn off on stupid people, and as for the ES, i have no clue but all i know is that it is OEM since it doesnt come in a box with a heatsink, Clawhammer is the old core the new core is the Venice. for socket 939 but since this is for 754 i dont know, all i know is that there are no new lower end cores out there other than a few new semprons so probably just some bs they made up to help it sell.
  2. Wasn't Clawhammer one of the first cores for the Athlon 64 architecture? I bought one of the 'applicable motherboards' Sep. 2004 (MSI FIS2R) with a Newcastle Core. That motherboard was one of the first out that supported socket 754, stopped making it about 6 months after I bought it. I agree that he is just trying to pawn off some old inventory thats around 2 years out of date.
  3. ES = Engineering Sample
    They are functional samples and should work on their respective platforms.

    They are not meant for sale but a lot of them are leaked onto the market.
    Here in Taiwan, there were ES samples of Pentium D 820 that were sold for 60 ~ 70% price of a retail boxed Pentium D 820. So being such a old processor, I'd say it's worth 1/3 or 1/4 of the retail price?

    I guess warranty would be your biggest concern if you were to purchase this ES porcessor!.......There isnt any warranty with ES samples!!
  4. Cool man, that makes sense "Engineering Sample" . I was just curious, I won't ever pay more than 60 for a 754 2800-3000.
  5. I think maybe on the ES chips the multipliers might not be locked. I know some Intel chips used to come like that but I don't know if things have changed or not since.
  6. You would think so, but no. Those chips are labeled 3000, so the multi is locked.
    It's like the conroe ES chips that are out there.
  7. Ok fair enough. I've never owned or touched an ES chip before, it's just from what I remember reading (it was a fair while back I'll give you that).
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