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so... I've got mail from saying:

"You are receiving this email because you are watching the topic, "Europe International Shipping" at Tom's Hardware Guide Community. This topic has received a reply since your last visit. You can use the following link to view the replies made, no more notifications will be sent until you visit the topic."

Its weird cuz the sender is while the text says just opposite... (actually there were no replies made) Probably a bug.
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  1. I don't understand the issue. :?:

    The email address is no_reply@... because if you want to reply to that email... don't. There's nothing there to monitor that account.

  2. I have the same thing, since 2 weeks I get these VERY annoying e-mails.
    Everytime a look at a topic I get these e-mails.

    How can I turn it off?
    WHO turned this on?
  3. It's on by default when you register for the Forumz. Go into your profile to turn it off. You can also turn it off or on for individual topics when you reply to the topic.

  4. ok the name of email address is clear now, but the real issue is that there was NO reply given to the topic while the mail notified me that there IS a reply........
  5. Don't know. I turned off notifications almost right away, so I don't use it.

    Maybe someone replied, then deleted it. That would trigger a notification, but when you check the thread, there's no reply since it was deleted?

    Or it could be a bug. I'm inclined to believe a deleted reply.

  6. your confusing the issue bub,

    the "no_reply" is the email address not the topic man.

    :D 8)
  7. Yeah probably ur right or maybe its still a bug, guess we'll never know :D
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