USB memory stick won't work

Hello everybody.
I hope somebody can help me with a problem I have. I better start at the beginning.
One day my girlfrind came home from work with an old 1.44" floppy disc. I have long since rid myself of a floppy drive, so I bought her a USB memory stick instead.

I tried it at home and it works fine. I think there was was some windows popup the first time I plugged it, but I can't remember what it was.

Do anybody know what she must do to make it work on another computer.
She has tried it at work and on a friends computer, but she claims it doesn't work and I can't go with her to check. She asked somebody at work, but from what she told me I doubt that person had ever seen a memory stick before.

Please help me, before she makes me go out and by a floppy drive. :cry:
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  1. Check disk manager.....she might have a mapped network drive as her next drive letter that the USB stick is trying to use. You can change the drive letter of the USB stick. I see that all the time at work
  2. XP will auto load the needed drivers, where 2000, NT or 98 need a driver disc to use usb devices. Windows 95 will simply explode, but that's normal. What OS is she using?
  3. Thank you for the reply's.

    My girlfriend is not that great with computers, but I will show her how to change the drive letter.

    When it comes to windows version, I'm not shore. I'd imagine it's probably xp, but it's not easy to ask her something like that and get a simple and correct answer.
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