Help!HP Quadro FX 3400 in Tiger s2877,No display?

Help!HP Quadro FX 3400 in Tiger s2877,Nothing show on monitor?
Hi, everone

I just DIY one computer. I use Tyan TigerK8WE s2877 motherboard, two AMD opteron 250, two HP NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 PCI-E Graphic Card, 2G Memory,900W Tagan power supply, ViewSonic G90f+ 19" CRT Monitor.

The problem is when I turn on power, nothing show on monitor, everthing else seem working fine. I tried one cpu and just using one graphic card,but still doesn't work, eveytime turn on computer just beep 4 time, all fans is runing,there is green light on graphic card. just no display.
Monitor is working fine with my old AGP's computer.

Please Help! Thanks!
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  1. Try to use only one VGA to set up, maybe your Tian needs bios update to use SLi, probably you will need to upgrade forceware for using quadro SLi, as I did similar problem when I used riva turner convert my 6800 ultra into quadro, as 6800 Sli work fine , but as quadro did not work at all . So I remove Sli brigde and one VGA, make all the updates necessary, then enable SLi. Turned off PC, intalled second VGA , them everything ok. So maybe you will have to update : 1 - MB bios , 2 - Forceware for your quadro. Also check if your memories are exactly the same in matched slots (don't forget to use ECC , as when I set up my opteron 940 socket , I used commom ddr and I got only beeps as you got also) .
  2. Hi, thanks for quick reply.
    I did try use just one Quadro FX card, and I also tried one cpu, memory are no problem, I used 2x1G PC3200 REG Kingston RAM, just like Kingston website recommend for TYAN s2877. So, I still don't know what's problem will be?
  3. What happens when you turn the system on with neither video card installed? Do you get the exact same beep code? How about with no RAM installed?
  4. Hi, when I try no any graphic card and no momery card, only left cpu on board, Then I turn on computer the four beep sounds gone. But When I put in only momery card the beep sound again, and when I only put in graphic card the also same sound again. Don't know why?
  5. Well, at this point I'm thinking you got yourself a defective motherboard. Take it back to wherever you bought it and ask for a replacement.
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