Overlay glitches and coruption - x1900xt

Well, i have the newest ati drivers (6.4), an asus x1900xt running on an asus n832-xli-delux and using an opteron 175 dc processor - nothing overclocked.

now, i have the follwoing strange problems:

1. especiale when watching tv over my old wintv-pci card i get some strange periodicaly apearing glitches. they apear mostly at the top center and scroll slowly down. they look las if you look thorgh some prsimas. i mean it's a big horizontal stripe wich walks down the screen and applys a sort of refraction over the screen. when arrived down it disapears vor some sconds befor starting again fromthe top.
i do have such a behaviour when watching an mpg or a dvd. so it is a general overlay problem.

2. when i have used my pc for 2-3 hours (playing some games) and using than again overlay applications, i notice some more glitches beside the one in (1). This looks like random pixel errors on the overlay screen.

now, the temprature of my gcard is low when viewieng tv, or videos. i never have any glitches in 3d, tested wie ati-tool, 3dmark06 and others. no other strange behaviour seen.

anyone got an idea of what can cause this or if it's a problam i have to rma?
Or have anyone seen similar things?

helpfull answers would be very appriciated,
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  1. Try reinstalling 6.3, see if that makes any difference.

    Or try the Omega Drivers, the latest are based on 6.3.

    Do you have the latest drivers for your MoBo and wintv-pci card?
  2. All the drivers are up to date. well, i will try the older 6.3 drivers or omega version of it. but i'm doubt it helps.

    thanks for your respons...
  3. ok, i tested my system with the latest omegadrivers based uppon ati cat 6.3 and i had the same results as before.

    any other hints or people with same problem are very wellcome.
  4. Thought of something else,

    Is the cable from the card to the monitor tightened properly, occasionally had a funny line throught the middle of the screen a few years back and the cable just needed to be tightened some more.

    The other thing is turn your computer off and change the graphics card over to the other slot on your motherboard.
    Make sure the contacts on the card and mobo are clean also.

    See how this goes.
  5. I will try this things, but take into account i have this strange things ONLY within overlay. in 3d applications like games no glitches no image coruption... all fine.

    so i guess if it where the cable i would have image glitches all the time, right?

    usaly i hace this "periodical" glitches only when watching tv. but if the pc has run over 2 houers i get many random glitches in all overlay using applications like dvd / movie players. i wonder if there is an element on the gcard wich overheads. the mem and gpu tem seems allright, at least the messurement tells me that.

    this glitches are not pixel wise, they are blocks of pixels wich seem to schow a part of an older frame. the blocks are about 10 x 5 pixels big.
  6. something is wrong with your driver setting,I dont think simply reinstalling Catalyst will solve thge problem. If you have the ATi Control Centre, UNINSTALL IT :!: The newer centres has certian issues with the x1900 series, as well as the drivers. Try intalling beta drivers and reset all settins to default. :twisted:
  7. does not the observation that the glitches get stronger over longer time deny this posibility?

    well, i dont thing you could be right but i will try this too - have nothing to loos ^^

    well, i start thinking that there is somthing wrong with my pci buss (at least at this slot) or with gcard memory related elements on the gcard.

    (damn i hate to send the vard back... it needs so mutch time until i get a new one -.-)
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