Problem with P5WD2 Premium Bios Related???? HELP!

Im haveing some problems with a new PC im building for a friend.

My set up is as follows:
Tagan 500 wat PSU
P5WD2 Premium MB
1GB Kingston DDR2 Value RAM (2x 512 both in the yellow slots)
Maxtor Maxline II 250G HD
Intel Pentium 940 Dual core 3.2
Gigabyte 7900GT
Lian Li PC 60

I have pluged everything in one pice at at time (including the 24pin and an 8 pin power to the MB) everytihng powers up. The fans are on (CPU, case and GPU fans) the green LED on the MB is on and the CPU gets hotter as does the GPU but no POST beeps, cant even get into bios. I just have a blank screen on my LCD.

I have tried resetting the CMOS differnt vido cards that I know work etc etc etc,

I have heard of similar problems from other users:

They say that the BIOS in the MB is old and does not support dual core 950s (even although this chipset is a 955x). So I must update the BIOS... How the hell am I going to update bios unless I have a single core CPU?

If i must get another CPU I would probably get a 805....(just to OC for fun) but I'm not sure if the MB will even support an 805 without the updated BIOS. Will this MB support an 805 no worires?
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  1. I have run into that problem on a few asus boards and had to install the celeron i had laying around to post .
    flashed the bios and all was well.
    the asus site does list bios revision supporting each cpu .
    off my head the 805 should post.
    I would look that up first.
  2. Thanks man.... Ive been 'far king' around with the set up for days!

    ppls at asus should just ensure the bios they ship out is uptodate for the processors they "claim" will work with the 955x chipsets!

    Now I have to get either some basic CPU chip just to get the comp going... 805 and oc or a 6xx chip hrmz.....
  3. I currently have a 930 chip and i was looking to get this board or the P5N32-SLI Deluxe how the hell am i supposed to get it to boot when i dont have or know anyone with a socket 775 chip to even do this with? is there a way to find out it will work out of the box before buying it?
  4. No
    unless you purchase this board from a local retailer and beg them to do the bios flash , the 930 will not post with older revisions. :(
    no telling how long the mobo sits in stock before they reorder.
    the board is great and stable.
    the only issue aside from the earlier bios is the reported temps on the 9xxx cpu are not in line.and Asus needs to address this
    my cpu temp is 19 C at idle but if you wake up that cpu under normal gaming it comes up to more realistic temps.
    if your going to buy this board and OC it make sure you invest in better cooling.
  5. none of the boards ship with the new bios? And you cannot send the board to ASUS to send back a new one with updated bios?.
  6. Im sure they ship with revised boards.
    problem is you dont know until it gets there.
    you can buy a new bios chip from asus for around 20.00
    and more.
    I new this before hand and was prepaired .
    I have a graveyard of pc parts since the 8086.
    but not everyone has that access.
    Do you Gamble :lol:
  7. haha looks like i will be gambling on this 1:) is there anything on the box that shows the bios #'s? that way i can call the place when i order to see if they have it:)
  8. the revision number is on the motherboard itself.
    just dont buy a referbed mobo to better your odds.
    Im sure theres a guru near you for a small fee that will flash that bios for you with a supported chip.
    there are other boards to choose from also...that is unless you just have you sites on this one.
    if you dont need sli try the newer boards.
    buy the time its shipped to you it will be outdated anyway.
    this board supports the 965 EE so it has good hopes for the future.
    Like 6 months :wink:
  9. Finally got the P5WD2 to work! flashed the BIOS! Had to borow an old chip from a friend (lives 2 hrs drive away only dude I know with old 755 chip).

    I was going to get a 805 to update the BIOS and have the chip left over for a little OC fun but this MB wouldnt even suport that! (f arking ASUS)

    After flashing BIOS P5WD2 now suports 950 dual core.... works fine.

    YES ausus tech suport is USELESS.... told me to go back to the retailer.... NO, the comp store would NOT flash the BIOS for me even tho they told me the dual core would work on this MB! (never going back to MSY Comuter store Melbourne there again!)

    To the pplz who are wondering..... The P5N32-SLI Deluxe MBs will suport 9xx chips out of the box but ONLY if the retail box has this bright red sticker on the front that says "nows suport for 65nm". These boxes are quite recent to the market because last week the Boxes didnt have the red sticker on them.

    Now building a P5N32 SLI delux with 960 P4 Dual core... so far so good...

    However I have lost some respect for ASUS.... rushing products out like that.....

    I would still recomend ABIT AW8 MAX 3 if you are looking for 955x chipset(ships out with a BIOS that suports 9xx out of the box). Othe only prob with this MB is the limited about of connectivity at the back of the IO panel.

    The P5WD2 has 2 CPIe slots but does not suport SLI, kinda pointless unless you have 4 LCDs to look at. The only good thing about the 2nd PCIe lane is placing the hot GPU as faraway from the NB and CPU as possible. I find that the Gigabyte 7600GT (silent pipe 2) gets quite hot and the heat really does radiate off those copper fins.

    P.S. The OC ability of P5WD2 nothing spectacular...

    BIG THANKs to all the pplz who helped me out....
  10. glad it all worked out for you
    to bad we cant read that sticker when we order it on line
  11. Quote:
    glad it all worked out for you
    to bad we cant read that sticker when we order it on line

    when you order just make sure to call the place and tell them they can probably put a note on your order for whoever ships it out to look for that.
  12. It has nothing to do with having a dual or single-core cpu. It's the 65nm chips that are giving you the problems. I recently purchased a p5wd2 and a 930. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't post or anything, I was ready to RMA the board. Finally, in the folding section(of all places) on ocforums someone told me it just wasn't working because it was a 65nm chip instead of 90nm. I popped in my 820(which is 90nm) and it worked fine. I used the 820 to flash my bios and then put the 930 back in. I now have it running with no problems!
  13. i had mayor issues with this motherboard

    fisrt of all i have a
    P4 630 3.0
    p5wd2 Premium
    WC IDE 200Gb
    2x512Mb 533 Talent
    Asus N6600GT HD
    PIONEER 110D

    While putting everything together, Win Xp didnt detect my HD and wanted the drivers on a boot disk (witch i searched the net for weeks and couldn´t find), then i was told that it would start with Win64, i tried 4 different copies until 1 started the install options.
    On top of having trouble finding the software i used for the 64 version, about a year ago i started with high temperature issues, i tried with more coolers, silicone on the CPU, and cleaning every cooler every 2 months my avarege Temp is around 55 C to 65 C, and running a game i could go from 70C to 85C (i think i read that the 630´s top temp with damage is 70C or 75C) so my CPU is actually dying everyday

    Any advise, on solving this in a time frame of 3 days (i work with the pc) would REALLY be appreciated

    I´ll try to flash the BIOS today, hoping not to wrek everything.

    I was thinking on switching CPUs to a newer one and trying not to lose a lot of money in the process.
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