I want to buy an external hard drive. I want to use it for photos, music and small movie clips (home movies)! What would you all reccomend? Brand, storage size, cache size, and connections (USB, etc)?
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  1. anyone?
  2. Well, size wise a 250GB would probably fit the bill. 8meg cache should do,

    unless you find a good deal that has 16. USB2 for connection. The only

    problem i have, is that Maxtors are very popular, BUT, i really can't force

    myself to recommend Maxtor, as i've had many die early deaths on me.

    That said, those bad experiences were with internal drives, but external is

    the same, with a different interface, but more heat to deal with. So, i say

    anything BUT Maxtor. I know people are going to argue this though.

    GL :)
  3. Let them argue, that's what I want to hear! It always brings out the good and bad points!
  4. You can save some money building it yourself. I just put together a Penguin case and Seagate HDD. It has both a USB and Firewire but I didn't really notice much of a diference betwenn the 2. newegg has a load of external enclosures

    Couple things to keep in mind:

    1. Definitely make sure it has an USB connection. If you paln to use it on a computer with a Firewire connection, get one with both. A lot of computers don't have firewire so with USB you'll be able to use it with any computer.

    2. Make sure it has an external power supply other wise you might run into power issues if you just power through the USB.

    As or assembling it, it is no diffent from installing a hard drive in a computer. I got a 300 GB ATA Seagate and saved about $30
  5. I went to for a external storage:
    That is firewire solution, inclues a 4 ports firewire card. Very good price for photo, movie, music archiving . But it is not good for my job. Finally I bought a eSATA storage from NORCOTEK directly. eSATA DS-1220 can handle all RAID calculations itself via hardware
  6. I was looking for a NAS unit, searching on Newegg and found this external storage that might be suitable for you.

    Thecus N2050 : 1TB external storage, connection by USB or eSATA.

    Hope this is useful info for you.
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