Motherboard life span

how many years does a motherboard life span
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  1. this is hard to say.

    it really depends on the environment and how often you dust out the computer on the inside.

    I have a computer using a 486DX166 running 24/7 for the last 10 years. The thing that usually breaks first is the power supply or hard drive.

    I seen computer, which are used along the coast, die due to corrosion after about three years
  2. Emerald is right on, it totally depends on the environment. A properly maintained motherboard should last you quite a while. My folks have a rig that I build for them (and maintain for them) that has been running for about 8 years. I blow it out occasionally. It pretty much runs all the time.

    One thing you don't really want is a case that is excessively hot. If you cram a ton of stuff in a case without the proper air flow, things will get hotter than they are supposed to, causing premature failure.
  3. 1 hour to 10 years ...
  4. It depends what type of motherboard it is, environment , heat, usage. On an average it's 4-5 year considering a rational use of 7 hrs a day.
  5. my mobo from 90s still working lol
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