Windows 7 32bit (OEM) - change to 64 bit, how?

Hi all

I made the mistake of not realising the benefits of win7 64 bit. I have win7 32 bit OEM but I want to clean install the 64 bit version. My questions:

1) How can I attain a copy of 64 bit windows 7 to install? (my OEM disc only came with the 32 bit version)

2) Will my win7 32bit OEM serial key work for the 64bit version? (from what I've read, it seems possible but would like to confirm)

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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  1. well, you could get an iso image from somebody with Win7 64bit and try your serial code

    alternately, i don't think it is illegal to download an unmodified retail 64bit disk from a torrent (just make sure there are no changes made to it to make it illegal)
  2. no oem keys are only for the bit they are shipped with!
  3. Oh damn. So I'm screwed?
  4. oem are install key specific that is why the sell both.retail keys work with both!
  5. sorry but you will need a 64 bit key!
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