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I have a USB flash drive that worked well until today. I incerted it into a PC which corrupted it completely or so I think. All PC's now see the drive as a security device and wants a driver installed. Is there a way to correct this problem and access the flash drive again

ET :oops:
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  1. Have you tried accessing it on another PC?
    If you did and still can't access it, it is probably toasted!
  2. Get into the Device Manager in windows: start, run, devmgmt.msc,
    and find the usb drive... if it's looking for a driver it should be in the Unknown Devices section. Once you have found the usb drive, right click on it and select Uninstall. Unplug the flash drive when the device disappears from the Device Manager and then reboot. Once you are back into windows, reinsert the usb drive and it will automatically reload the driver. If this fails, do the same thing as above, except this time in the Device Manager, also go to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section and right click/Uninstall everything in that section as well. When you reboot that time, wait a few minutes while windows reinstalls all of the usb drivers, then try plugging the flash drive in again. If this doesn't work either, try the flash drive in another computer which you know is able to load usb devices without a problem. If it doesn't work in that computer either, then the flash drive most likely is dead.
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