Troubleshoot!!! Re: pendrive pls !!! HELP!!

I have this pendrive it was working well on my laptop then yesterday i went to use it again and windows doesn't recognise it. i can't access it the root directory is eg. [ e:/ ] is not displayed in my computer

then i found the device from the device manager , uninstalled and re-inserted my pendrive found new hardware and device ready for use came up and still can't find my [e:/] thing on my computer

any other suggestions ?

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  1. have you tried connecting to another computer and see if it works?
  2. First as jap0nes suggests try if the pendrive works correctly in another computer, if it does then try the following on your computer:

    Everything you delete in the registry is gone forever so before you do anything:

    For safety make a Restore Point you can restore in case you accidentally deletes the wrong key in the registry.

    Access the registry (run Regedit from Start --> Run) and go to:
    In the right window delete all keys that starts with ?? and #.
    Delete all DosDevices keys having driveletters you don't use.
    Delete the key for the driverletter you have problems with.
    Close Regedit and restart your computer.
    Try if the pendrive works correctly now.

    Why is backslash disabled?
  3. yes it works for me on my desktop pc !!

    could it be because i did a quick format and so the laptop doesn't recognise it ?

    ps after format the pendrive still works on the desktop pc

    now it will have a try in the morning !!!
    here it nidnight at the moment (cet time )

    thanks anyway guys
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